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Have you happened to try typing in “Zerg Rush” in google lately?

Recently discovered, the creative minds at el goog have added a new easter egg to the popular search engine, this time based off of StarCraft 2.

When you type in “Zerg Rush” in a search you’re greeted with a page of attacking google “O”‘s that you can click on to destroy to try and save your search results. Once they are all gone you can share your highscores on google plus!

Pretty fun if you ask us, chalk one more up for google!

Try it

Rogers is big company here in Canada. They range from Cellular service, to cable, internet, home phone and more recently Home Monitoring. It seems they’ve decided to now branch out either further introducing their new service Rogers Outrank.

Essentially what Outrank is, is a simple way for people with their own business’s to sign up and have a website created/managed by experts at Rogers. They will set the entire website up, optimize it for search engines/mobile phones and “turn clicks into customers”. All of this will then be backed by what they call a comprehensive tracking system that gives you powerful reporting at your finger tips.

Right now we don’t know much more than this but we’re inquiring into pricing and we’ll keep you up to date.

Also right now they have a promotion going on where if you sign up before January 31st you’ll get a free website.

Check out their promo video below and a few pictures, otherwise head on over and sign up at




Source: Rogers

Google never ceases to amaze us here at eTechTour. Besides being a huge company that basically has their foot in every type of business there is, they still haven’t lost their sense of humour and fun and aren’t shy about sharing that with the world. In a recent discovery here, we found that El Goog has certain “power” search phrases that make fun things happen when you enter them in

So far we’ve only be able to find 2 (well 3 phrases but 2 do the same thing) but we’d love to hear if you can find more!! So, without further ado, here’s how to have some quick fun!


  1. Go to
  2. Try typing in “tilt” or “askew”
  3. Hit enter
  4. Watch the fun
  5. Repeat with “do a barrel roll”
Hope you enjoyed that and leave us some comments! And if you find any more? Don’t forget to let us know! Happy friday everyone!

So with the Sony Ericsson Arc and Play coming out in the next few days, Rogers is really pulling out all the stops promoting how they were the FIRST company to bring Android to Canada with the Dream and Magic and are still the company with the MOST Android phones in the great Red and White.

Today they are celebrating these facts by having our favourite Android Andy envade the Rogers Wireless website and rip it apart to show a specialized version of the site giving a whole bunch of Android specific information.

It’s actually pretty cool and it’s always fun to see Andy do some crazy stuff so head on over to Rogers and click on the “Androids Are Among Us” link an watch the fun unfold!!

We’ve included a few pics as well so check them out below!

Source: Rogers

So the day has finally arrived, it is March 27th, 2011 and the Nintendo 3DS has finally arrived! Much to our surprise we have not seen any lines, or any big craze for this wonderful little piece of hardware, but we’ll have to see how things continue throughout the day. We were the first to pick up ours today and we thought we’d share the unboxing pictures with you all. We’ll give a full write up and video hands on a little later in the day but hopefully this will wet your appetite for now, and drop us a comment down below and let us know which one or if you’re getting one!

These can be bought for $250 at any major retailer (Walmart, EB/Gamestop, ToysRUs etc) and is the first handheld gaming system to integrate 3D directly in the device and not require any glasses!! It comes in two colours, aqua blue and onyx black, we thought we’d be adventurous and grab the aqua blue and boy does it sparkle!

So without further ado, here are the pictures!

There it is. We thought the blue would be cool!

The bunch of user manuals that come with the 3DS.

The 320 page beast that IS the User Manual... O_o

The first view of the 3DS

The dock for the 3DS

The Aqua Blue shines so nicely...

Joystick, D-Pad, Regular Buttons


Top View

The other side view

Bottom view

Closed Lid

Sitting In Its Dock

Front view

These are the Augmented Reality Cards

Well we hope that will tide you over for now, we’ll have our full coverage on this later in the day!

I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity of sharing this with all of you when I saw it on Engadget earlier today.

One of the world’s greatest Science Fiction stars hosted AT&T’s microworld segments and in 1980 they were talking about where computers MIGHT go and their significance to the every day person.

This is truely an amazing video to watch, showing where we came from and really how fast our technology has changed in a matter of 30 years where we are now and where we were, check out the video below and say hi to our friendly Captain!  (Just think, how many micro processors were in the Enterprise?)

Seen on: engadget

So Microsoft just released it’s final version of Internet Explorer 9 to the world (you can get your hands on your own copy here) and we’ve got to say it’s a huge improvement from previous versions.

Although not a HUGE amount has changed, Microsoft has done enough to make it a pretty day to day browser again and for sure should be something to compete with the likes of Chrome and Firefox again.

Some of the awesome new features are its new minimalist style. Besides the tabs at the top, there’s nothing else really to this beautiful browser. They’ve also polished up the graphics with some funky transparencies.

Besides the looks immediately you’ll be able to tell it’s a lot faster than previous versions, and this should make EVERYONE happy.

They’ve also made that address bar up there ^^ a little smarter by incorporating searches directly in them. Now we mean instant, start typing and you start receiving. The default search engine is Bing (of course) but this can be customized by using another neat little feature the browser Add Ons (which can be accessed through the address bar as well) This lets you use any popular searches like google, wikipedia or even facebook.

All in all these changes are all welcome and we’ve enjoyed our hands on with the new face of IE and look forward to more improvements along the way.

Source: microsoft

So after months and months of teasing and waiting, Square Enix has finally announced when everyone can get their hands on the newest chapter of the popular Deus Ex series.

Deus Ex Human Revolution will be released on PC, PS3 and 360 on August 23/2011. Promising to be a worthy follow up to the cult hit there will be 2 different editions to be launched of the game. The regular edition will be $59.99 for consoles or $49.99 for PC and a limited edition will give a few extra goodies to the people who purchase it.

The special edition will be only $10 more on both consoles and PC and will include a bonus DVD that has a 44 minute the making of special, the Game soundtrack, a Motion Comic from DC’s series, and E3’s official trailer and animated storyboard and a 40 page Art Book.

Also if you pre-order the game at GameStop you get 4 exclusive downloads available at launch.

These include…

  1. A new mission with a special cameo from an original Deus Ex character
  2. M28 utility remote detonated explosives
  3. Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher
  4. Automatic Unlocking Device

So who’s running out to pre-order it now?

Sony announced today that tomorrow the PS3 system will receive an update (V3.60) that will enable Playstation Plus users to store up to 150MB of save games to Sony’s very own cloud allowing you to access them on ANY PS3 that you log into with the same PSN ID. This means you can now continue your favourite game at a friends house or in a different room without having to do any annoying transfers of files.

Most games will be compatible with this new storage option right away but they promise to continue updates later on.

These new features will be accessed through the XMB and allow you to save to the cloud and access them remotely.

Look for the update available March 10th on your PS3’s or turn on the Auto-Update feature from Playstation Plus and it’ll be ready for you when you wake up.


Source: Playstation Blog


While we couldn’t be down in LA for the live unveiling of Apple’s next iPad we thought we’d give you the highlights brought to you from our friends over at Engadget, pictures and info are all from them so make sure to take a look at their full coverage after wetting your appetite with what we’ve shown here!

Oh and we thought you should know, there’s both a Verizon version and an AT&T version meaning EVERYONE can get their iPad on! And yes, the man himself Steve Jobs was there to showcase the event…

Main Highlights:

-Dual Core A5 processor, twice as fast as the original, 9 times faster graphics
They’re really trying to step it up with the graphics on this boasting it as a super powerful PC essentially with full graphics performance.

-Thinner/lighter 8.8mm 1.3pounds (old 1.5pounds)
One of the main drawbacks on the original iPad was its heavy weight so we’re hoping that this slimming down will make reading and interacting a lot nicer.

-10 Hour battery life (over a month standby)
Even with the faster speeds and better graphics they’ve still managed to get the same battery life crammed into this new device.

-Same prices as original iPad ($499, $599, $699 wifi only, $629. $729, $829 wifi + 3g)
It will launch at the same price points as the original iPad meaning you get the better stuff for the same Price, and you won’t have to wait long!!

-Available all over the world March 11/2011
Launching all over on March 11th…

– 26 Countries by March 25/2011
And will be in 26 countries by March 25/2011.

-HDMI Out with specific cable that allows charging and HDMI connections at same time
They’re introducing a new cable that allows charging using the normal iPad cable as well as hooking up an HDMI cord for viewing EVERYTHING the iPad can do on any HDMI TV.

-Nitro Javascript – much faster
Now they’re using a newer javascript for faster Safari browsing experiences.

-Smart Cases – cleans screens when closed, magnets wake and put to sleep automatically
A brand new smart case that clips on with magnets that will wake the device when opened and puts it to sleep when closed. The main idea for this is that it won’t take away from the shape and design of the iPad while still protecting it. It even helps clean the screen when closed!! Also doubles as a stand by folding over, what can’t this new case do?

-4.3 OS adds personally hotspot for iPhone 4 only
A new iPad deserves an upgrade to the OS. So they’re introducing OS 4.3 which will add new features for the iPad!

-PhotoBooth (manipulate videos from the cameras), Facetime right away
A new app for the iPad 2 that allows you to view streaming video from the cameras and manipulate them much like you would on a laptop.

-iMovie video editing and audio editing, sharing options YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo
A new video editing software that allows you to capture and edit videos realtime with power like a laptop. It then lets you edit the audio, splice and create your own movies and share them on popular websites all over the world.

-GarageBand for iPad2, can record and manage tracks (up to 8 at one time) to make full songs
A new GarageBand app for the iPad allows you to mix and create up to 8 tracks at one time that can be edited and put together to create full featured songs and demos on the go!

So who’s going out and grabbing one on the 11th??

Source: engadget