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So after months and months of teasing and waiting, Square Enix has finally announced when everyone can get their hands on the newest chapter of the popular Deus Ex series.

Deus Ex Human Revolution will be released on PC, PS3 and 360 on August 23/2011. Promising to be a worthy follow up to the cult hit there will be 2 different editions to be launched of the game. The regular edition will be $59.99 for consoles or $49.99 for PC and a limited edition will give a few extra goodies to the people who purchase it.

The special edition will be only $10 more on both consoles and PC and will include a bonus DVD that has a 44 minute the making of special, the Game soundtrack, a Motion Comic from DC’s series, and E3’s official trailer and animated storyboard and a 40 page Art Book.

Also if you pre-order the game at GameStop you get 4 exclusive downloads available at launch.

These include…

  1. A new mission with a special cameo from an original Deus Ex character
  2. M28 utility remote detonated explosives
  3. Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher
  4. Automatic Unlocking Device

So who’s running out to pre-order it now?

Sony just officially announced the release date for the upcoming PS3 exclusive Infamous 2.

For those who have eagerly been waiting, the second chapter in Cole’s lightning filled life will be enough June 7, 2011!!

That’s right, only a few months away for those eagerly waiting to choose to be a good hero or an evil villian!

The limited Hero Edition for $99.99

With this announcement Sony has also announced the limited edition Hero version for $99.99, which will include a highly detailed 8.5” Cole MacGrath statue, a sportable sling pack modeled after Cole’s own in-game gear, the inFAMOUS #1 mini comic from DC  Comics, the official inFAMOUS 2 HERO Edition Soundtrack and a super voucher code for a collection of in-game content.

Sony has also announced the pre-order bonuses which will be another annoying split between 4 major retailers, meaning any Infamous 2 fans will  n0t be able to receive everything unless they want to buy the game 4 times… The special pre-orders are as follows…

Preorder from Amazon and get a gold version of his new Cattle Prod melee weapon...

Pre-order at Walmart and get a special lightning grenade that ties down nearby enemies!

Pre-order at BestBuy and get an exclusive Kellex skin from the first game...

Or pre-order from Gamestop and get a special in game power the lightning hook that will bring items or enemies shockingly close to you!!

Now the question is, who to pre-order from?

Well we’re nearing the end of the summer which means we’re heading into the last quarter of the year, and everyone knows what’s coming up right? Christmas season? Nooo we’re talking collector’s edition season!

Today we’re talking about two new collector’s edition games that have been announced (both from Disney surprise surprise!)

The first is Disney’s Wii exclusive Epic Mickey. Sitting at a cool $20 more than the standard edition ($69) if you grab this collector’s edition you will get:

  • Special packaging
  • Disney Epic Mickey Game
  • 5″ Collectible Vinyl Figure
  • Special Edition DVD with behind the scenes footage and other marketing materials and videos
  • Wii Remote Faceplate and Wii console skins

Wii remote and wii skins, extra DVD, mickey figure, exclusive packaging

Not too bad for only $20 more and the skins actually look really nice. Expect this one to hit shelves November 1, 2010.

Now a little more on the crazy side is Disney’s new Tron Evolution game coming out December 7, 2010 (10 days before the new movie hits theaters). The collectors edition comes with:

  • An exclusive TRON light cycle collectible based on the in-game model from TRON: Evolution.
  • The collector’s edition will be packaged in a special protective casing with a drawer for the game.

Case that has a drawer and light cycle...

This exclusive packaging and mini light cycle can be yours for… wait for it… only $129.99!! Now call me crazy but an extra $70 for a mini cycle and a special case (although you can use it to display the cycle and hold your game!) seems a little bit out there… But to each their own! This one will be hitting both PS3 and 360 so you ultimate Tron fanboys best keep your eyes out for them!

Source: Gamestop (Mickey)

Source: Gamestop (Tron)