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In a surprisingly shocking move, Telus has decided to finally put an end to the all annoying $35 activation fee that all customers pay on New Activations and Upgrades and the $25 Equipment Exchange Fee!

This is amazing news as one of the big three wireless companies in Canada, we can only hope that the others will follow soon [here’s looking at you Rogers & Bell]!

The $35 Activation fee has always been a hot topic among the Canadian Wireless companies, and most people could never get a straight answer as to what it was for.

Some people have been told:

The Activation fee is for connecting your mobile to the network and setting up the SIM card.

Others have been told:

The Activation fee is for doing the paperwork of setting up or renewing your contract.

All of which are absurd and clearly just a money grab! We must say we can’t be happier that it is now gone!

Source: Telus

Just thought we’d throw out a quick shout out to our friends over at who today launched their all new mobile website.

Rather than going the mobile app route and worrying about supporting all the platforms they chose to go with a mobile site that is compatible with almost all current SmartPhones!

After playing around with the site for a few minutes you can tell they threw a lot of work into it, it’s polished, responsive and looks amazing. Plus they managed to cram almost all the features of the full desktop site into such a small area.

They even managed to keep the autocomplete working well and their login functions all work as expected. And of course they still give access to their huge database of phone information with a nice new polished look to each page.

Take a quick look at their walkthrough video below and check it out by going to or going to and clicking the big red button at the bottom!



We all knew this day was coming, Bell’s exclusivity for the Galaxy Nexus has just about ended and Rogers, Fido and Telus are all set to release the Galaxy Nexus this Friday (January 13,2012)  and it looks like Telus is sweetening the deal by dropping the price to only $99.99 on a 3 year contract. Previously this phone has gone for $159.99 on a 3 year and we’re not sure of Rogers or Fido’s pricing yet, but we’ll keep you informed!!

Source: Mobilesyrup

Lots of crazy news is happening at the moment with CES in full swing, but there are a few choice bits of information that we really like to hear. Possibly the one of the biggest bits of news we’ve heard so far is that our very own Telus is going to be launching the Samsung Galaxy Note (5.3 inch Super AMOLED screen with its very own special S-Pen, dual core 1.5ghz processor, 1gb of ram) as well as they’ll be finally matching Rogers and Bell by launching their very own LTE network.

The Note itself is supposed to bridge the gap between Smartphones and Tablets and we’re very eager to get some hands on time with this device, but the fact that Telus will be launching LTE as well just makes this news even sweeter.

Who’s going to be holding out on getting the Galaxy Nexus (that Telus is releasing this coming Friday) for a Galaxy Note?

Take a look at one of Samsung’s commercials for the Note below.



Source: Engadget

So hot on the heels of some “leaked” images of the surely to be upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III that leaked last week (that were totally fake), are new rumours about the specs of possibly what will be Samsung’s next FlagShip phone.

The current Galaxy S and S II line have already shipped more than 30 million units world wide, so obviously Samsung is going to want to pack an extra punch with it’s 3rd iteration of its ever so popular device.

These specs are all to be taken with a grain of salt (leaked over on Korean site ETNews), let’s break down the rumours and see what we think is real or not.

Quad-core processor

-The Transformer Prime is the first tablet to be released with a Quad-core processor. It’s hit some Canadian shores and suffered a delay everywhere else. By the time this phone comes out, its possible everything will be hammered out and finalized so we can chalk this rumour up to a definitely possible, besides Samsung is going to want to stay ahead of the pack if they want to keep the Galaxy S line on top.

Super AMOLED Plus 720p Screen

So far there has been no word on an actual screen size for the phone, but we’d bet it’ll be something similar to the Galaxy Nexus (maybe they can lose the PenTile display by then), but I think this is a given for all their new high end smartphones.

Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz

This has to be the one spec we can bet our lives on this phone having. We already know Samsung is in the works cooking up some IceCream Sandwich goodness with TouchWiz for its other Galaxy S II line, the 3 would have to have this already included.


LTE is not a far stretch. It’s the way the mobile world is heading and considering Samsung already has LTE in the Galaxy Nexus (on Verizon) and in the Galaxy S II LTE I’m sure they’ll find a way to squeeze it into their new baby (hopefully they’ll have a way to keep the battery chugging along longer though by then!)

2GB of RAM

So far no phone has passed the 1GB of Ram spec. If the phone did indeed move up to a quad-core processor, I could see this being believable, although possibly somewhat unnecessary as 4.0 already adds a lot of control and improvements over the RAM, they may want to add this for more “console” style gaming that’s expected to hit phones soon.

Last but not least, our favourite:

3D Screen

Lg’s done it, HTC’s done it, and well, it’s probably about time for Samsung to do it. By far, of all the TV’s out there, we were most wowed by Samsung’s Smart TV’s and their stunning display of 3D, why not bring that fun to their mobile phones as well?

The hard part we have believing with this is that they’d be able to manage this with the current Super AMOLED HD screens that are currently out (otherwise why wouldn’t they have done it already?) Unless they were waiting for a couple other competitors to get it into the market, get people interested in it, and then hit the masses with a huge does of 3D all at once.

Besides, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 3D? Seems like a pretty easy marketing campaign right there.

So all in all, out of all the rumours I’ve got to say we can seriously see a lot of them coming true if the cards fall into place.

Mobile World Congress is in February so we might see a reveal then, which means we may not have that long to wait after all!

Now the real question is, would you guys like it if they threw all this into one seriously powerful Superphone?

Let us know in the poll below!

Source: ETNews

Via: MobileSyrup


Merry Christmas everyone out there!

Just thought we’d share a fun little Easter Egg we found using GoSMS on Android this past holiday.

If someone texts you “Merry Christmas” and you open the message using GoSMS you’ll notice it will start to snow on your screen! So even if it’s not a white Christmas outside for you, you can still enjoy the Holiday spirit on your phone!!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have an Android Phone (or don’t want to use GoSMS) you won’t be left out of the winter fun as we found another fun Google Easter egg recently that lets you frost over your screen with snow when you google search “Let It Snow”. Once the page becomes completely frozen the search button even becomes a “Defrost” button!!

Once again we hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and we wish you all the best in the new year! Remember keep checking back as we’ll begin updating a lot more frequently again!

So amid all the insane phone news today, the Motorola RAZR (or Droid RAZR in the US) was announced by Motorola today, this sleek and sexy phone is made of KEVLAR fiber, Gorilla Glass and is INSANELY thin. It’s packing a 1.2GHz dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM. a 4.3inch screen with a Super AMOLED screen its sure to make any techy drool. It can record 1080p video and has an 8mp snapper attached (with the oh so well known motorola bump). Sadly it’s not running Ice Cream Sandwich but we know thats being saved for Sammy and el-Goog later tonight.

Despite all these wonderful specs, there’s more, Motorola has added SMART ACTIONS which allow you to customize profiles telling your phone when to do what allowing it to save battery when you’re at home or work or while it’s low on battery. It’s got government grade Security built in to keep all your information safe and the new big Cloud in the picture called MOTOCAST. This like most cloud storages that are ever so popular these days, promises to automagically upload and retrieve your information pictures, videos etc anytime you want and without having to really interact with the cloud!

The last bomb we want to drop is that this beast of a phone is going to be released before the holiday season, and will be coming to Canada exclusively from Rogers! Rogers is said to start pre-ordering it almost right away but at the time of writing this it wasn’t working yet. I’m sure it will be available through the device registration system soon.

Now who’s ready for the big Samsung/Google news at 10pm tonight? Keep it locked here and we’ll fill you in with all the details!

Source: Motorola

Were not sure how long this jem has been available but today we discovered that rogers actually has a service available to all customers who have lost their phone to potentially locate  it. Its a free service that only requires a signup consisting of inputting your cell number, email and allowing rogers to track you wherever you are.They send a confirmation text message to make sure that you are registering your phone and not someone elses.


With the service you get 5 free location checks a month and each check after that bills $.20 to your rogers bill.

We quickly tried out the service and within a minute or two it had actually got our phones location accurate to 1000 meters. It wasnt 100% dead on but we didnt have gps on our phone turned on and only tried once.

This has the potential to be a really cool thing for Rogers customers and were not sure why it hasnt been promoted more!

But for anyone whos ever lost their phone before I’d say sign up for this service since its free and you might be able to get your phone back if its lost or stolen!!!

Check it out for yourself at!!

All things considered, this didn’t take too long to get up and going. Google announced that they would be competing with the likes of companies like Netflix by offering their own movie rental system through the Android market and well today, it has gone live for all!

You can now choose between a fairly solid selection of new and older movies ranging anywhere between $2.99 to $4.99 in price. Once you purchase it you have 30 days to watch the movie and once you start watching the movie you have 48 hours to complete watching it.

All the movies are nicely sorted into sections that you can browse at your convenience including categories like Staff picks and most rented. So far looks like a pretty cool service, so who’s going to give it a try? Let us know in the comments!

You can also check them out from the online market here.

Source: Android Market

Well this is an extremely exciting day, Rogers this morning dropped the bomb that LTE will be coming to Toronto on September 28th. Besides this amazing news, they announced they will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE version which samsung just announced a couple days ago!

This phone is rocking an upgraded 4.5 inch Super AMOLED screen, dual core 1.5 ghz processors, Android 2.3. 8 megapixel camera with HD recording, Wi-Fi, 1850mAh battery and NFC (Near feild communications) which can be used for mobile payments and transferring information.

There are no word on prices yet but we’ll let you know the second we find out. Our buddy over at mobile syrup managed to get his hands on one and has taken a few pictures that we’ve put up here, so who’s holding out to get this beast or are you still wanting an iPhone 5?

Source: Mobilesyrup