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While we couldn’t be down in LA for the live unveiling of Apple’s next iPad we thought we’d give you the highlights brought to you from our friends over at Engadget, pictures and info are all from them so make sure to take a look at their full coverage after wetting your appetite with what we’ve shown here!

Oh and we thought you should know, there’s both a Verizon version and an AT&T version meaning EVERYONE can get their iPad on! And yes, the man himself Steve Jobs was there to showcase the event…

Main Highlights:

-Dual Core A5 processor, twice as fast as the original, 9 times faster graphics
They’re really trying to step it up with the graphics on this boasting it as a super powerful PC essentially with full graphics performance.

-Thinner/lighter 8.8mm 1.3pounds (old 1.5pounds)
One of the main drawbacks on the original iPad was its heavy weight so we’re hoping that this slimming down will make reading and interacting a lot nicer.

-10 Hour battery life (over a month standby)
Even with the faster speeds and better graphics they’ve still managed to get the same battery life crammed into this new device.

-Same prices as original iPad ($499, $599, $699 wifi only, $629. $729, $829 wifi + 3g)
It will launch at the same price points as the original iPad meaning you get the better stuff for the same Price, and you won’t have to wait long!!

-Available all over the world March 11/2011
Launching all over on March 11th…

– 26 Countries by March 25/2011
And will be in 26 countries by March 25/2011.

-HDMI Out with specific cable that allows charging and HDMI connections at same time
They’re introducing a new cable that allows charging using the normal iPad cable as well as hooking up an HDMI cord for viewing EVERYTHING the iPad can do on any HDMI TV.

-Nitro Javascript – much faster
Now they’re using a newer javascript for faster Safari browsing experiences.

-Smart Cases – cleans screens when closed, magnets wake and put to sleep automatically
A brand new smart case that clips on with magnets that will wake the device when opened and puts it to sleep when closed. The main idea for this is that it won’t take away from the shape and design of the iPad while still protecting it. It even helps clean the screen when closed!! Also doubles as a stand by folding over, what can’t this new case do?

-4.3 OS adds personally hotspot for iPhone 4 only
A new iPad deserves an upgrade to the OS. So they’re introducing OS 4.3 which will add new features for the iPad!

-PhotoBooth (manipulate videos from the cameras), Facetime right away
A new app for the iPad 2 that allows you to view streaming video from the cameras and manipulate them much like you would on a laptop.

-iMovie video editing and audio editing, sharing options YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo
A new video editing software that allows you to capture and edit videos realtime with power like a laptop. It then lets you edit the audio, splice and create your own movies and share them on popular websites all over the world.

-GarageBand for iPad2, can record and manage tracks (up to 8 at one time) to make full songs
A new GarageBand app for the iPad allows you to mix and create up to 8 tracks at one time that can be edited and put together to create full featured songs and demos on the go!

So who’s going out and grabbing one on the 11th??

Source: engadget

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