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Have you happened to try typing in “Zerg Rush” in google lately?

Recently discovered, the creative minds at el goog have added a new easter egg to the popular search engine, this time based off of StarCraft 2.

When you type in “Zerg Rush” in a search you’re greeted with a page of attacking google “O”‘s that you can click on to destroy to try and save your search results. Once they are all gone you can share your highscores on google plus!

Pretty fun if you ask us, chalk one more up for google!

Try it

A survey of the top million web sites was done in early 2010 by Alexa traffic data and the people over at Nmap used it to parse and find the favicon.ico images of each website listed on there. Through doing this they actually created the following picture sizing each websites favicon.ico by its popularity!

Makes for one crazy picture right? We’re not up there yet, but maybe next year! Take a look at the source to be able to zoom in and see how many favorites you can spot before going legally blind!


How many favorites can you find?

No we’re not talking today about a new way to void your warranty, this is a totally safe and fun way to explore UNDER water WITH your phone!

So Google Earth has just received an update which allows you to dive deep into the oceans and see all the wonderful interesting landmasses that are under the water!! Maybe even search around and find some buried treasure and sunken ships? Well it may not really go that far, but it is pretty awesome to be able to able to actually zoom in so close that you go below sea level and look up on the world above.

It’s free in the Android Market so why not try it out?

Scan the QR code above to get it

Source: Google Mobile Blog

Look at all that water all around...

As a first on our site here, we thought today’s app would actually be a pretty addicting game that we found in the market (thanks Adam for sending this in, you don’t know how much time we’ve wasted because of this).

One of the things that we like so much about this game is the fact that it’s so simple, the concept, the rules, the actual playing, but where this game shines is it’s creativity and it’s ability to make you think and laugh.

There are so many creative things to combine!

The goal of this game is to start with only the four most basic elements, earth, wind, fire and water (all represented by little pictures) and with these four elements you have to combine them (in sets of 2) by dragging one and dropping it on top of the other. Not everything combines though so this is where the thought process comes in.

For example earth and water, make a swamp, fire and air make energy, air and earth make dust and so forth. Now that you’ve created these new elements, you have to use them, and find ways of combining them with other elements to create other new ones!!

There are 270 total combinations that are in the game and it will probably take you quite a while to figure them all out, some combinations are just amazing though like making a Mario style 1UP or Yoshi from Super Mario to different forms of alcohol.

Begin with only 4....

So check out this game on the Android Market today, Alchemy, it’s free and fun, look it up!