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Have you happened to try typing in “Zerg Rush” in google lately?

Recently discovered, the creative minds at el goog have added a new easter egg to the popular search engine, this time based off of StarCraft 2.

When you type in “Zerg Rush” in a search you’re greeted with a page of attacking google “O”‘s that you can click on to destroy to try and save your search results. Once they are all gone you can share your highscores on google plus!

Pretty fun if you ask us, chalk one more up for google!

Try it

Google never ceases to amaze us here at eTechTour. Besides being a huge company that basically has their foot in every type of business there is, they still haven’t lost their sense of humour and fun and aren’t shy about sharing that with the world. In a recent discovery here, we found that El Goog has certain “power” search phrases that make fun things happen when you enter them in

So far we’ve only be able to find 2 (well 3 phrases but 2 do the same thing) but we’d love to hear if you can find more!! So, without further ado, here’s how to have some quick fun!


  1. Go to
  2. Try typing in “tilt” or “askew”
  3. Hit enter
  4. Watch the fun
  5. Repeat with “do a barrel roll”
Hope you enjoyed that and leave us some comments! And if you find any more? Don’t forget to let us know! Happy friday everyone!

A lot of people may be wondering whats going on in the tech world today, one of the big announcements is the new introduction to Google Live Search that has begun to role out to signed in users on

Basically what this means is that users that are logged into their google accounts and go to (not their affiliate sites like etc) and start searching, without even hitting the “Enter” key the page will automatically update as you begin typing your search showing the results as you type.

They’ve also added new functions like live updating scrolling searches on the pages you’re viewing. This functionality will be updated for all soon enough probably over the next few days, so why not jump over to google and check it out?


Source: Google