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Well fellow assassin’s, we’ve done it! Through a crazy viral Ubisoft ad campaign (that all of us ran ourselves) the first ever Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay footage is here, I’ll shut up and check it out below!!


Source: Ubisoft

So one countdown has ended, and we can start many more now (till e3, till october 30th are 2 that come to mind) and it is official!

Assassin’s Creed 3 will feature a Native American Assassin fighting during the American Revolution.

Straight from Ubisoft

The American Colonies, 1775. As a Native American warrior fights to protect his land and his people, he will ignite the flames of a young nation’s revolution.

How they will tie this new Assassin into Desmond’s story remains a mystery along with any other details of the game but this trailer for sure can get you pumped and craving more!!

Stay tuned here for more ACIII info as we reveal it!


Source: Ubisoft

So the launch day of the Arc and Play is tomorrow, a lot of people are dying to get their hands on these new devices that will be offered from Rogers.

$99 on a 3 year contract and $549.99 with no contract.

Thankfully we were lucky enough to get our hands on them early and are in the process of uploading some videos to Youtube for you all to watch and enjoy (at least hold you off until tomorrow).

So lets do a little review for each, first up, the Play (and be sure to check out our gallery at the bottom)

Xperia Play

At first glance, this Android phone could pass off as any regular QWERTY keyboard phone. It’s thick, and heavy, much like the LG Shine Plus, but not so much to be a real pain. But closed, it’s just a regular Android phone.

It’s running Gingerbread 2.3.2 Googles latest and it’s 1GHZ processor speeds everything along quite well. There’s no real noticeable lag when changing home screens or scrolling, webpages load quickly and are a joy to browse.

The real beauty of the device is when you slide it open and it reveals the full suite of PSP controls. Set all on a brushed metal look, there are the usual 4 directional buttons and the 4 regular Sony Buttons, Triangle, Circle, X and Square.

Inbetween these buttons are two circular dots that are meant to simulate the dual analog control sticks. These work by touching the center middle metal pieces and directing your fingers in either direction to move.

The buttons are quite clicky and responsive, we found trying to use the virtual joysticks to be more of a pain than it was worse, but we can see where Sony was trying to go with this and imagine playing a shooter game would probably be a lot easier.

The weight balances perfectly when slid open in the hands and doesn’t feel topheavy like you would expect it to.

As far as software goes, it’s running Google’s newest baby Gingerbread 2.3.2. Sony has kept modifications to a minimum compared to the X10 and has only created their own new launcher and a few different applications that allow access to the quick gaming features.

Overall the phone is pretty solid and for any mobile gamer is almost a must have. The dedicated controls are awesome and make playing games a wonder.




Xperia Arc

The Arc like the Play is running Androids latest, 2.3.2, and is fast and snappy. The main appeal with this new device is it’s slim appearance, it’s larger 4.2 inch screen and it’s 8 mega pixel camera.

The Arc despite being a very thin phone, doesn’t seem much thinner than any other phone like the Galaxy S for example because of it’s “arc” shape. It is super slim in the middle but bubbles out at the top and bottom of the phone making it seem almost the same size as most other phones it compares to.

It runs very fast and smooth and the camera is for sure the area that this phone shines. It takes great quality pictures and has a decent amount of features and customization that allows you to capture the moment perfectly. Videos also look incredible on this device and for any media junkie this is the phone to get.


Take a look at our hands on video of both for more details and get ready for both the Play and Arc’s launch tomorrow at Rogers stores near you!



EDIT: Arc video will be up soon, technical difficulties!!

EDIT: Its up now!

Thanks to one of our tipsters at Rogers, we’ve got our hands on some of the new training materials being passed around about the new Sony Arc and Play that will be launching any day now. Take a look at them to compare what will make each so unique, some of the things we noticed are:


  • 4.2 inch multi touch screen powered by bravia
  • 8.1MP camera with Sony Exmor R
  • built in HDMI connector
  • 16GB micro SD card included
  • 8.7mm thick!!! (thats damn skinny)

They also throw in a nice comparison between the arc, iphone 4, galaxy s and nexus S for good measure!


  • Worlds first Playstation Certified phone
  • crazy looking dedicated gaming controls
  • 4 inch multitouch screen
  • 8GB microSD card included (why not 16 like the Arc?)
  • Pre-loaded games – Madden NFL 11, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Fifa 10, Star Battalion, Crash Bandicoot, Tetris
  • Sims 3 and Asphalt 6 available as free downloads on the Android Market

Both phones will be running google’s newest OS Gingerbread! So keep checking back as we’ll have our hands on both VERY soon!!

The Samsung Galaxy S hit the world by storm last year causing one of the biggest Android booms in Android’s short history so far, and well, Samsung has finally teased us with it’s first commercial spot for its now upcoming Galaxy S II, which means it’s launch is coming ever closer…

Samsung has already confirmed a launch date of May 1st for Britain and has said that some places it will launch this month, as for Canada we’ve only heard late Q2 early Q3 and have been teased that it may beat the US’s launch, but enough rambling, feast your eyes and this…

**WARNING** We don’t recommend trying anything showing the commercial as technology and water don’t usually play nice together ūüôā



Source: youtube



A new flyer has shown up at Rogers stores showing off it’s newly exclusive android handsets the Sony Arc and Play!

With a launch date in just a couple days we’re excited to soon be getting our hands on these two new phones!

Both with a $99 price tag is very tempting!

Take a look and check back with us for a hands on and review in a few days!

So our buddies over at engadget posted up this great picture from Quadrant Standard on Android which is a performance benchmarking tool available for free on all Android devices. Now while this score may not equate to true performance of a phone, it gives a pretty good feel for how well a phone can handle a lot of different tasks like multitasking, graphic performance and things like that.

This picture shows the new Galaxy S II compared to a lot of the top of the line smartphones out now, and well, it just destroys all the competition. If you didn’t want a Galaxy S II before then after seeing this, I don’t know what would convince you!

Clocking a score of 3053 over a regular stock Galaxy S at about 850, that’s more than 3 times the specs and more than doubles even the Nexus One. We’d like to see it compared to the Nexus S (We’ve attached a picture from a Nexus S quadrant which clocked it in at 1500 so meaning it’s still doubling that!), but this is for sure something to look forward to!

Nexus S Quadrant Score

So it’s official, Angry Birds are everywhere, and well, theres one more new app for you to install now totaling up to 3 for most now, Angry Birds Rio has officially hit the Android market for free and is ready for your bird freeing pleasure!!

This new version boasts boss battles and all new collectible fruits as well as 60 new missions for you to whittle away your hours with (not to mention your battery)!!

The graphics have been overhauled in this version and boy does it look nice!!!

There are also all new achievements , but are you even still reading this? Go download it now!

The Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung’s upcoming powerhouse set to renew the smartphone world again like it’s popular Galaxy S series did, is already at the top of our list for phones to get but with these new additions it just keeps getting sweeter.

Some people over at the Android Community got their hands on a US version of the Galaxy S II and were able to demo some awesome new motion features. The first being in a browser instead of pinch to zooming, you place two fingers on the screen and move it closer to your face to zoom in, or further away to zoom out (which just plain makes sense!)

The second feature is when putting new widgets on the screen, moving the phone to the left or right will change which homepage you’re on meaning no more annoying having to wave on one side of the screen to change pages!

Let me tell you, this phone just KEEPs getting better and we are going to stay peeled for this one 100%! Check out the video below…


Source: AndroidCommunity

So the day has finally arrived, it is March 27th, 2011 and the Nintendo 3DS has finally arrived! Much to our surprise we have not seen any lines, or any big craze for this wonderful little piece of hardware, but we’ll have to see how things continue throughout the day. We were the first to pick up ours today and we thought we’d share the unboxing pictures with you all. We’ll give a full write up and video hands on a little later in the day but hopefully this will wet your¬†appetite¬†for now, and drop us a comment down below and let us know which one or if¬†you’re¬†getting one!

These can be bought for $250 at any major retailer (Walmart, EB/Gamestop, ToysRUs etc) and is the first handheld gaming system to integrate 3D directly in the device and not require any glasses!! It comes in two colours, aqua blue and onyx black, we thought we’d be¬†adventurous¬†and grab the aqua blue and boy does it sparkle!

So without further ado, here are the pictures!

There it is. We thought the blue would be cool!

The bunch of user manuals that come with the 3DS.

The 320 page beast that IS the User Manual... O_o

The first view of the 3DS

The dock for the 3DS

The Aqua Blue shines so nicely...

Joystick, D-Pad, Regular Buttons


Top View

The other side view

Bottom view

Closed Lid

Sitting In Its Dock

Front view

These are the Augmented Reality Cards

Well we hope that will tide you over for now, we’ll have our full coverage on this later in the day!