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Moving from a firm launch date of June 26th, THQ’s Darksider’s II has just been pushed back to a “August 2012” release date.

THQ states the push back is purely for the development team, as they wanted to polish up the game and make sure that it meets their high expectations.

Just a week before THQ EVP Danny Bilson in an interview had said that there was no firm launch date for Darksiders II, so rumours are now put to rest showing his claim to have substance.

Keep reading for a quick Q&A with the the team:

Questions & Answers:

Q.) When will the game be available in North America?
A.) Darksiders II is scheduled to be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in August of 2012.  The release date will vary by region (as they did with a June release).  The exact street dates will be issued for each region in the days to come.
Q.) Has the date been pushed back to tie in with Nintendo’s WiiU™ launch?
A.) The date was shifted to ensure we meet the high quality threshold that we are committed to achieving.  It has nothing to do with any other platform releases.
Q.) Is Darksiders II being pushed back because of the recent layoffs at Vigil Games?
A.) No, the staffing changes at Vigil Games have not impacted the release date.
Q.) Is content going to be cut from the game?
A.) Definitely not! As we approached the game’s completion date, the team asked for more time to polish the huge amount of content included in this ambitious project.  We are all committed to making Darksiders II the highest-quality game possible and the additional time will allow the team to do just that.  The game content remains unchanged, as do our future DLC plans.
Q.) Are you truly pushing the date back to make Darksiders II a better game?
A.) Absolutely, that is the only goal fueling this decision.  Nothing is more important to us than quality and thankfully our company’s current operational position allows us to make the right choice for Darksiders II.
Q.) Aside from getting it later, will this affect my pre-order?
A.) Definitely not, everyone who has/does pre-order Darksiders II will receive the Limited Edition at release, along with any associated retail exclusive content.
Q.) Will the game definitely release in August or will it be delayed again?
A.) This small delay is to allow additional time for polish and bug fixing. As we’ve stated in numerous articles and videos, Darksiders II is substantially larger game than its predecessor and the ambition of this project requires extra time to polish to the high standards that Vigil Games and THQ are committed to.
Keep it locked at eTechTour and we’ll give you any other updates as they come!
Source: Darksiders

So we were lucky enough to be able to attend the Rogers/Samsung Infuse 4G Launch party last night and managed to grab a video of some key Rogers people (Raj) and Samsung people (Paul) talking about their partnership and what they’re hoping it will mean for both their countries.

They also dropped some pretty interesting tidbits of information like, Paul from Samsung mentioned

-Samsung Captivate was a phenomenal success and is still selling strong almost a year after launch

-Infuse 4G biggest SuperAMOLED Screen

-21mb/s 4G data speeds

-Infuse will be launching with Android 2.3 instead of Froyo which the States version currently 

The biggest thing we would mention is that Paul from Samsung said…

Just the begginning of some great Samsung phones coming to Rogers in the next 90 to 120 days that will surpass your excitement level

So which phones could he be talking about? We’ve known for a long time now that the Galaxy S II will be releasing in multiple different forms like the original yet we’ve heard no word of ANY releases except for Bell/Virgin which is tomorrow. Will the Galaxy S II be launching on Rogers within the next 3 months? Or could they possibly be talking about the Samsung Hercules or something similar?? Who knows, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes out for any new news!

As a nice recap, the Samsung Infuse 4G has a huge 4.5-inch Super AMOLED display and packs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 1.2 GHz processor. A release date is not set yet, but I was able to squeeze out of the reps at the party that the launch for it would be announced within the next few days (accessories are already showing up in Rogers stores).




Until we know more info, check out the videos and a couple pictures, we’ll get a full review of the device up in a couple days.




Just as a little proof that the Samsung Infuse 4G will be launching on Rogers very soon, the accessories have already started showing up in retail stores!

Don’t forget we’ll be attending the launch party for this bad boy tomorrow so check back for more details tomorrow night as we’ll have some hands on impressions!


Although being reported on most other websites as available next week (May 17th) we just got word that Rogers is releasing the LG Optimus Pad TODAY!!

This kick butt new tab runs the tablet oriented 3.0 Honeycomb Android software, has a beautiful 8.9 inch touch screen, a 1GHz processor, and dual 5mp cameras on the back for taking 3D pictures and VIDEO!vPlus it has a 2mp camera on the front for video chats.

While slightly expensive, this new tablet will be an awesome choice for all those looking for a new Android tablet.

It comes with no contract for $699.99, $649.99 on month to month, 599.99 on a 1 year, 529.99 on a 2 year and $449.99 on a 3 year contract!!

Expect us to have a full review and pictures/videos of it soon and keep checking back for more details!!

Even though the blackberry playbook has been out for a week or two now, we were invited to go to a blackberry playbook launch/training party which was last night April 26th in Toronto.

Besides having a giant oversized Playbook (we’re talking 3 people big O_o) and a playbook hooked up to a projector showing on a 50inch screen, the event was pretty cool. There were lots of Reps helping teach and show about the new Playbook and it’s features and plenty of playbooks for everyone to play with.

We got some good hands on time and will have a video up in a day or two but thought we’d share a few photos with you all!

So the launch day of the Arc and Play is tomorrow, a lot of people are dying to get their hands on these new devices that will be offered from Rogers.

$99 on a 3 year contract and $549.99 with no contract.

Thankfully we were lucky enough to get our hands on them early and are in the process of uploading some videos to Youtube for you all to watch and enjoy (at least hold you off until tomorrow).

So lets do a little review for each, first up, the Play (and be sure to check out our gallery at the bottom)

Xperia Play

At first glance, this Android phone could pass off as any regular QWERTY keyboard phone. It’s thick, and heavy, much like the LG Shine Plus, but not so much to be a real pain. But closed, it’s just a regular Android phone.

It’s running Gingerbread 2.3.2 Googles latest and it’s 1GHZ processor speeds everything along quite well. There’s no real noticeable lag when changing home screens or scrolling, webpages load quickly and are a joy to browse.

The real beauty of the device is when you slide it open and it reveals the full suite of PSP controls. Set all on a brushed metal look, there are the usual 4 directional buttons and the 4 regular Sony Buttons, Triangle, Circle, X and Square.

Inbetween these buttons are two circular dots that are meant to simulate the dual analog control sticks. These work by touching the center middle metal pieces and directing your fingers in either direction to move.

The buttons are quite clicky and responsive, we found trying to use the virtual joysticks to be more of a pain than it was worse, but we can see where Sony was trying to go with this and imagine playing a shooter game would probably be a lot easier.

The weight balances perfectly when slid open in the hands and doesn’t feel topheavy like you would expect it to.

As far as software goes, it’s running Google’s newest baby Gingerbread 2.3.2. Sony has kept modifications to a minimum compared to the X10 and has only created their own new launcher and a few different applications that allow access to the quick gaming features.

Overall the phone is pretty solid and for any mobile gamer is almost a must have. The dedicated controls are awesome and make playing games a wonder.




Xperia Arc

The Arc like the Play is running Androids latest, 2.3.2, and is fast and snappy. The main appeal with this new device is it’s slim appearance, it’s larger 4.2 inch screen and it’s 8 mega pixel camera.

The Arc despite being a very thin phone, doesn’t seem much thinner than any other phone like the Galaxy S for example because of it’s “arc” shape. It is super slim in the middle but bubbles out at the top and bottom of the phone making it seem almost the same size as most other phones it compares to.

It runs very fast and smooth and the camera is for sure the area that this phone shines. It takes great quality pictures and has a decent amount of features and customization that allows you to capture the moment perfectly. Videos also look incredible on this device and for any media junkie this is the phone to get.


Take a look at our hands on video of both for more details and get ready for both the Play and Arc’s launch tomorrow at Rogers stores near you!



EDIT: Arc video will be up soon, technical difficulties!!

EDIT: Its up now!

The Samsung Galaxy S hit the world by storm last year causing one of the biggest Android booms in Android’s short history so far, and well, Samsung has finally teased us with it’s first commercial spot for its now upcoming Galaxy S II, which means it’s launch is coming ever closer…

Samsung has already confirmed a launch date of May 1st for Britain and has said that some places it will launch this month, as for Canada we’ve only heard late Q2 early Q3 and have been teased that it may beat the US’s launch, but enough rambling, feast your eyes and this…

**WARNING** We don’t recommend trying anything showing the commercial as technology and water don’t usually play nice together 🙂



Source: youtube

While we couldn’t be down in LA for the live unveiling of Apple’s next iPad we thought we’d give you the highlights brought to you from our friends over at Engadget, pictures and info are all from them so make sure to take a look at their full coverage after wetting your appetite with what we’ve shown here!

Oh and we thought you should know, there’s both a Verizon version and an AT&T version meaning EVERYONE can get their iPad on! And yes, the man himself Steve Jobs was there to showcase the event…

Main Highlights:

-Dual Core A5 processor, twice as fast as the original, 9 times faster graphics
They’re really trying to step it up with the graphics on this boasting it as a super powerful PC essentially with full graphics performance.

-Thinner/lighter 8.8mm 1.3pounds (old 1.5pounds)
One of the main drawbacks on the original iPad was its heavy weight so we’re hoping that this slimming down will make reading and interacting a lot nicer.

-10 Hour battery life (over a month standby)
Even with the faster speeds and better graphics they’ve still managed to get the same battery life crammed into this new device.

-Same prices as original iPad ($499, $599, $699 wifi only, $629. $729, $829 wifi + 3g)
It will launch at the same price points as the original iPad meaning you get the better stuff for the same Price, and you won’t have to wait long!!

-Available all over the world March 11/2011
Launching all over on March 11th…

– 26 Countries by March 25/2011
And will be in 26 countries by March 25/2011.

-HDMI Out with specific cable that allows charging and HDMI connections at same time
They’re introducing a new cable that allows charging using the normal iPad cable as well as hooking up an HDMI cord for viewing EVERYTHING the iPad can do on any HDMI TV.

-Nitro Javascript – much faster
Now they’re using a newer javascript for faster Safari browsing experiences.

-Smart Cases – cleans screens when closed, magnets wake and put to sleep automatically
A brand new smart case that clips on with magnets that will wake the device when opened and puts it to sleep when closed. The main idea for this is that it won’t take away from the shape and design of the iPad while still protecting it. It even helps clean the screen when closed!! Also doubles as a stand by folding over, what can’t this new case do?

-4.3 OS adds personally hotspot for iPhone 4 only
A new iPad deserves an upgrade to the OS. So they’re introducing OS 4.3 which will add new features for the iPad!

-PhotoBooth (manipulate videos from the cameras), Facetime right away
A new app for the iPad 2 that allows you to view streaming video from the cameras and manipulate them much like you would on a laptop.

-iMovie video editing and audio editing, sharing options YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo
A new video editing software that allows you to capture and edit videos realtime with power like a laptop. It then lets you edit the audio, splice and create your own movies and share them on popular websites all over the world.

-GarageBand for iPad2, can record and manage tracks (up to 8 at one time) to make full songs
A new GarageBand app for the iPad allows you to mix and create up to 8 tracks at one time that can be edited and put together to create full featured songs and demos on the go!

So who’s going out and grabbing one on the 11th??

Source: engadget

Now normally, a headline like this would make you think that its just because a new phone that’s launched hasn’t been hyped, or hasn’t gotten any press time, or possibly just sucks. If you believe this to be the case today, sadly, you’d be wrong.

Monday October 25th was the “official” launch of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate on Canadian’s major carrier Rogers to little fan fair as well, no Rogers stores actually had ANY of the phone to sell! We got some reports that a few Future Shops had maybe 3 at opening and sold out within minutes, but come on now Rogers, that’s just a little embarassing when you can’t even get the phone to your own retailers and 3rd party stores beat you to it. Lets see what happens tomorrow, we’ll be waiting for sure and hopefully coming at you with a new video review. Lets keep our fingers crossed everyone.

So we got another leaked Rogers document showing that Big Red of Canada has FINALLY received a shipment of the Captivate’s and are beginning to ship them out to the stores, this means its only a matter of days until we hold it in our hands!! Check out the picture for proof non beleivers!

Also interesting to note the document shows it will actually cost new customers $179.99 on a 3 year contract and $149.99 until November 3rd for upgraders and after it will switch to $179.99. Hope they get enough stock to fill that promo pricing!!!