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The almighty, sought after collector’s edition. Whether it be giving out some dust collecting trinkets, some exclusive artwork or some downloadable content, we’re all suckers for Collector’s Editions for amazing games aren’t we?

Well prepare to open your wallet a little wider as one of next years most anticipated games just announced it’s got a collector’s edition too, that’s right, Bioshock Infinite took to twitter today to announce the new edition.

Actually, they announced 2 editions, the Ultimate Songbird Edition, and the Premium Edition. And here’s what they’ll get you!

Ultimate Songbird Edition ($149):

  1. Songbird Statue
  2. Art of Columbia (64 page artbook)
  3. Handyman Figure (for Bioshocks new upcoming board game!)
  4. Lithograph
  5. Murder of Crows Keychain
  6. Digital Soundtrack
  7. Upgrade Pack (3 added abilities, BullRush, Extra Extra, and Betrayer)
  8. Xbox360 – Special downloadable costumes, PS3 + PC Bioshock Infinite Themes

Premium Edition ($79):

  1. Art of Columbia (64 page artbook)
  2. Handyman Figure (for Bioshocks new upcoming board game!)
  3. Lithograph
  4. Murder of Crows Keychain
  5. Digital Soundtrack
  6. Upgrade Pack (3 added abilities, BullRush, Extra Extra, and Betrayer)
  7. Xbox360 – Special downloadable costumes, PS3 + PC Bioshock Infinite Themes

So for shelling out the extra $70, the songbird edition you get an extremely cool Songbird Statue. Worth and extra $70? You decide. Either way we’re excited!  To see more details about all the collectables, head over to Bioshock Infinites site at the source below!

Which edition will you be picking up?



Source: Bioshock Infinite

So our buddies over at Joystiq managed to grab some screenshots off of Reddit that are apparently of the new game Assassin’s Creed 3.

While these are no way confirmed to be legit, they truly look the part (and we’re hoping they are). All should be revealed on Monday with the big announcement happening at GDC in San Francisco, but for now, take a look over these new images and imagine the posibilities!

Source: Joystiq


And just like that, Ubisoft has let out the official boxart for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3 game for PC, 360 and PS3.

Having an October 30th launch Assassin’s Creed 3 is seeing a lot of headlines lately and will be revealing more information soon.

Game Informer also took the time to come out and reveal that their April issue will in fact have the new Assassin on their cover as well as a limited edition featuring special art from acclaimed comic artist Alex Ross.

Ubisoft is set to release more info on the newest chapter of their epic franchise on March 5th, so keep checking back for more info!!

GameInformer's April Cover

GameInformers April Cover Back/Front

Limited Edition Game Informer Cover Art by Alex Ross

Limited Edition Game Informer Cover art Back/Front by Alex Ross

GameInformers Assassin's Creed 3 Hub


Source: GameInformer

So after months and months of teasing and waiting, Square Enix has finally announced when everyone can get their hands on the newest chapter of the popular Deus Ex series.

Deus Ex Human Revolution will be released on PC, PS3 and 360 on August 23/2011. Promising to be a worthy follow up to the cult hit there will be 2 different editions to be launched of the game. The regular edition will be $59.99 for consoles or $49.99 for PC and a limited edition will give a few extra goodies to the people who purchase it.

The special edition will be only $10 more on both consoles and PC and will include a bonus DVD that has a 44 minute the making of special, the Game soundtrack, a Motion Comic from DC’s series, and E3’s official trailer and animated storyboard and a 40 page Art Book.

Also if you pre-order the game at GameStop you get 4 exclusive downloads available at launch.

These include…

  1. A new mission with a special cameo from an original Deus Ex character
  2. M28 utility remote detonated explosives
  3. Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher
  4. Automatic Unlocking Device

So who’s running out to pre-order it now?