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Well we all knew it was coming. Yesterday’s videos all but confirmed it, Sony’s new marketing campaign was for Playstation Allstars Battle Royale! The final video released this morning shows Nathan Drake, Kratos, Cole and Sackboy fighting it out in a room.

It’s slightly sad to see all this hype was just for this one game, but it’s a pretty cool Live Action trailer, so check it out below, and remember if you’re a Vita owner or a PS Plus subscriber you can download the PSABR beta right away, or the rest of the world can download the beta once the PS store updates later today.




Source: Sony

Sony has now posted another teaser video in follow up to last weeks teaser “The Reload“. Instead of answering any questions it’s only now adding more confusion.

The latest video shows the same woman walking through a dark hallway with a set of skull keys. As the camera pans you see a Janitor sweeping up hundreds of bullets off the floor, he leans down and picks up a large sword and it cuts to the date October 23rd.

At least we won’t have to wait too long as October 23rd is tomorrow, but what can these confusing videos mean? The first video left us thinking that possibly there was another Infamous in the works, but with this follow up and no electricity or anything, we’re wondering if that is the case. We’re leaning more towards either something with Playstation Allstars Battle Royale or just the continuation of the Long Live Play campaign. It could still be referring to the newly redesigned playstation store, but with the launch of it being pushed off of October 23rd, we’re wondering if that would be the case.

Make sure to stay tuned here tomorrow when all will be revealed and let us know what you think this could mean in the comments below!


 **UPDATE** So it turns out that we somehow managed to miss that Sony had posted another video, this time called “The Arrival”. Showing the same woman in the other 2 videos we see a truck pull up to a building with a silhouette of the driver clearly looking like Nathan Drake, she nods at him and he hops out of the truck cutting to tomorrow’s date again.

More and more as we watch these videos the probability of this being Playstation Allstars Battle Royale becomes more and more prevalent. This time showing Nathan Drake and the next video (shown above) the janitor sweeping up bullets and picking up what looks to be Sweet Tooth’s machete (not to mention the small ice-cream cone beside it on the ground). 

This means we have references to Sweet Tooth, Cole, Nathan Drake and numerous other characters from Playstation Allstars Battle Royale, so the big question is, what are they going to reveal about it tomorrow? Stay tuned to find out!



 Source: Sony

In another new video Ubisoft released yesterday they finally have given more details about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation (Vita). Through this new video we learn a lot about the new Assassin, Aveline, her history and why she is fighting. Interestingly enough, we also learn that the new game will include different costumes that Aveline will don to disguise herself from her enemies.

The video show 3 main costumes that she will use throughout the game.

  1. The mandatory Assassin’s outfit. This is similar to all the other games, she will be able to run around freely but will be attacked by guards.
  2. A Lady’s Ball Gown – While wearing this ball gownAveline will be able to walk around freely, but will still be able to carry some weapons with her to stealthily attack her enemies.
  3. Slave Outfit – To further disguise herself she can dress up as a slave. Apparently she won’t have weapons while disguised but she will be invisible to all guards.

One other fascinating detail we discovered is that Aveline will be able to change between these outfits at shops all throughout town so they will play a big part in completing memories with 100% synchronization.



IGN also released the last video in their behind the scenes Developer Diaries with Ubisoft about Assassin’s Creed. These videos have gone in depth showing how they’ve come to the ideas of the new game, the challenges they’ve faced and what they’ve accomplished. These videos are great watches and we recommend you watch them all, we’ve embedded all 4 below so you can watch them all together!

Developer Diary 1



Developer Diary 2



Developer Diary 3


Developer Diary 4



Source: Youtube, IGN

Ubisoft has just released a new video about the future of Assassin’s Creed, but interestingly enough, this time it’s actually a job posting.

A brief 2:45 video shows some scenes from AC3 and then a lot of interviews with the workers at Ubisoft themselves. They talk about their experiences working with Ubisoft and what to expect when working on a project this large!

This is a pretty interesting idea for getting people interested in applying for positions, so if you’ve got a creative mindset, technical skills or just want to give it a shot, head on over to Ubisoft’s job postings and apply yourself, otherwise take a quick look at the video below!



Source: Youtube, Ubisoft

The almighty, sought after collector’s edition. Whether it be giving out some dust collecting trinkets, some exclusive artwork or some downloadable content, we’re all suckers for Collector’s Editions for amazing games aren’t we?

Well prepare to open your wallet a little wider as one of next years most anticipated games just announced it’s got a collector’s edition too, that’s right, Bioshock Infinite took to twitter today to announce the new edition.

Actually, they announced 2 editions, the Ultimate Songbird Edition, and the Premium Edition. And here’s what they’ll get you!

Ultimate Songbird Edition ($149):

  1. Songbird Statue
  2. Art of Columbia (64 page artbook)
  3. Handyman Figure (for Bioshocks new upcoming board game!)
  4. Lithograph
  5. Murder of Crows Keychain
  6. Digital Soundtrack
  7. Upgrade Pack (3 added abilities, BullRush, Extra Extra, and Betrayer)
  8. Xbox360 – Special downloadable costumes, PS3 + PC Bioshock Infinite Themes

Premium Edition ($79):

  1. Art of Columbia (64 page artbook)
  2. Handyman Figure (for Bioshocks new upcoming board game!)
  3. Lithograph
  4. Murder of Crows Keychain
  5. Digital Soundtrack
  6. Upgrade Pack (3 added abilities, BullRush, Extra Extra, and Betrayer)
  7. Xbox360 – Special downloadable costumes, PS3 + PC Bioshock Infinite Themes

So for shelling out the extra $70, the songbird edition you get an extremely cool Songbird Statue. Worth and extra $70? You decide. Either way we’re excited!  To see more details about all the collectables, head over to Bioshock Infinites site at the source below!

Which edition will you be picking up?



Source: Bioshock Infinite

Earlier today, Sony posted a new video on their youtube page called “The Reload”. No other information was given about it and boy are the rumours flying. Right now the majority of comments on the youtube page are suggesting a follow up to major franchise Infamous with a Infamous 3 announcement possibly to happen on October 23rd.

The video (seen below), shows a woman, sitting at a desk cleaning a handgun, when all of a sudden the power goes out and she looks at the camera. Footsteps can be heard as the camera gets closer to the woman and sounds of electricity sparking can clearly be heard. The video ends with the date October 23rd.

Now this could be one of many things. We know that the newly revamped Playstation Store will hit the US and Canada on October 23rd, so we’re wondering if this could be what this teaser is all about. The lights going dark (possibly on the old playstation store) to be restored with the new one?

Alternatively Sony could be trying to amp up the excitement of launching the new Playstation Store by announcing something huge like a 3rd Infamous. If you’ve beaten the game as either good or bad Cole you must know there is potential for a follow up sequel, but with the 2 endings being so drastically different, Sony would have to choose which ending to build off of.

The only other thing we have to go off of is the fact that the very same character was in Sony’s original Michael Long Live Play commercial before. (check the 27 second mark). This could mean one of a few things. That they are continuing the Long Live Play ad campaign and maybe adding new characters like the Playstation AllStars Battle Royale?

We’ve included the new video and the previous below and you can see the same character (same costume and what looks to be the same booth) at the 27 second mark, so drop us a comment and let us know what you think and be sure to stay tuned to eTechTour for all the updates surrounding this mystery!

Also we’ve embedded a poll so you can leave a quick feedback as to what you think this could be relating too!



Source: PlaystaionYouTube

In a surprisingly shocking move, Telus has decided to finally put an end to the all annoying $35 activation fee that all customers pay on New Activations and Upgrades and the $25 Equipment Exchange Fee!

This is amazing news as one of the big three wireless companies in Canada, we can only hope that the others will follow soon [here’s looking at you Rogers & Bell]!

The $35 Activation fee has always been a hot topic among the Canadian Wireless companies, and most people could never get a straight answer as to what it was for.

Some people have been told:

The Activation fee is for connecting your mobile to the network and setting up the SIM card.

Others have been told:

The Activation fee is for doing the paperwork of setting up or renewing your contract.

All of which are absurd and clearly just a money grab! We must say we can’t be happier that it is now gone!

Source: Telus

Just this morning we noticed that the official Assassin’s creed twitter image had changed to from the standard AC3 logo to a little more ominous looking red coloured abstergo logo (shown below). Seemingly to being a viral puzzle/teaser for it’s much anticipated upcoming release of Assassin’s Creed 3, 3 mysterious tweets were sent sounding very much like a puzzle or riddle (you can read them down below). Can you figure out the mystery?

Shortly after the tweets went out the logo changed back and a more official sounding tweet was sent saying:

Sorry for the disruption, Assassins. We were experiencing some technical issues, but we’re back up to 100% now! Thanks for your patience!

Followed directly after by:

No spoilers, it was just a glitch. Please restrict any discussion to our forums for customer support:

We can only assume this is the beginning of a new viral campaign to hype up AC3 which is to be released in North America October 30th along side it’s Vita counterpart Liberation.

Here are the 3 tweets sent out this morning:

#1 – _-_-_He is gone. #16 is no more. And now they begin. To search for 1 more _-_-_

#2 – _-_-_THEY are responsible. Abstergo’s to blame. They play with our lives. Like it’s only a game_-_-_

#3 – _-_-_They search for the ‘’prophet’’ They’re grasping at straws. Their ill-conceived plans, are riddled with flaws_-_-_


And here are the two different twitter pictures.

Assassin’s Creed official Twitter logo.

Assassin’s Creed Twitter logo after “malfuntioning”


UPDATE: Another tweet has been found on the Assassin’s Creed Wiki this one saying:

We’ve just received a mysterious message from within the inner workings of the Animus. “.. .- — .- .-.. .. …- .” It… it can’t be!

From looking at this latest clue, this is Morris code for “Iamalive”. Who it could be referring to we’re not sure, but it could be possibly referring to Subject 16 that was trapped within the Animus.

So what do you make of this assassin’s? What can these messages mean?

Source: Twitter

A new animated short film was released by EA today detailing the destruction a marker, much like the one Isaac Clarke found himself dealing with in the original Dead Space games, unleashed upon an unsuspecting colony, this time witnessed by a new protagonist Sergeant John Carver.

Earlier reports of of Dead Space 3 being in development have leaked and this almost all but confirms it. What we don’t know is who this Sergeant John Carver is, and if earlier rumours are to be believed, Dead Space 3 will feature co-op and Carver will most likely be that co-op character.

On the official site we’ve noticed there is also a countdown clock (in an alien language), counting down to Monday at 9am, possibly pointing to a Dead Space 3 reveal time. After all, E3 does start next week so what better time to make this reveal?

Watch the short movie below and drop us a comment and let us know if you’re excited about another Dead Space game and what you think of Carver?




Source: Dead Space

Well fellow assassin’s, we’ve done it! Through a crazy viral Ubisoft ad campaign (that all of us ran ourselves) the first ever Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay footage is here, I’ll shut up and check it out below!!


Source: Ubisoft