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In a surprisingly shocking move, Telus has decided to finally put an end to the all annoying $35 activation fee that all customers pay on New Activations and Upgrades and the $25 Equipment Exchange Fee!

This is amazing news as one of the big three wireless companies in Canada, we can only hope that the others will follow soon [here’s looking at you Rogers & Bell]!

The $35 Activation fee has always been a hot topic among the Canadian Wireless companies, and most people could never get a straight answer as to what it was for.

Some people have been told:

The Activation fee is for connecting your mobile to the network and setting up the SIM card.

Others have been told:

The Activation fee is for doing the paperwork of setting up or renewing your contract.

All of which are absurd and clearly just a money grab! We must say we can’t be happier that it is now gone!

Source: Telus

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