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So amid all the insane phone news today, the Motorola RAZR (or Droid RAZR in the US) was announced by Motorola today, this sleek and sexy phone is made of KEVLAR fiber, Gorilla Glass and is INSANELY thin. It’s packing a 1.2GHz dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM. a 4.3inch screen with a Super AMOLED screen its sure to make any techy drool. It can record 1080p video and has an 8mp snapper attached (with the oh so well known motorola bump). Sadly it’s not running Ice Cream Sandwich but we know thats being saved for Sammy and el-Goog later tonight.

Despite all these wonderful specs, there’s more, Motorola has added SMART ACTIONS which allow you to customize profiles telling your phone when to do what allowing it to save battery when you’re at home or work or while it’s low on battery. It’s got government grade Security built in to keep all your information safe and the new big Cloud in the picture called MOTOCAST. This like most cloud storages that are ever so popular these days, promises to automagically upload and retrieve your information pictures, videos etc anytime you want and without having to really interact with the cloud!

The last bomb we want to drop is that this beast of a phone is going to be released before the holiday season, and will be coming to Canada exclusively from Rogers! Rogers is said to start pre-ordering it almost right away but at the time of writing this it wasn’t working yet. I’m sure it will be available through the device registration system soon.

Now who’s ready for the big Samsung/Google news at 10pm tonight? Keep it locked here and we’ll fill you in with all the details!

Source: Motorola

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