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Just thought we’d throw out a quick shout out to our friends over at GSMArena.com who today launched their all new mobile website.

Rather than going the mobile app route and worrying about supporting all the platforms they chose to go with a mobile site that is compatible with almost all current SmartPhones!

After playing around with the site for a few minutes you can tell they threw a lot of work into it, it’s polished, responsive and looks amazing. Plus they managed to cram almost all the features of the full desktop site into such a small area.

They even managed to keep the autocomplete working well and their login functions all work as expected. And of course they still give access to their huge database of phone information with a nice new polished look to each page.

Take a quick look at their walkthrough video below and check it out by going to m.gsmarena.com or going to www.gsmarena.com and clicking the big red button at the bottom!


Source: GSMArena.com

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