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In a surprisingly shocking move, Telus has decided to finally put an end to the all annoying $35 activation fee that all customers pay on New Activations and Upgrades and the $25 Equipment Exchange Fee!

This is amazing news as one of the big three wireless companies in Canada, we can only hope that the others will follow soon [here’s looking at you Rogers & Bell]!

The $35 Activation fee has always been a hot topic among the Canadian Wireless companies, and most people could never get a straight answer as to what it was for.

Some people have been told:

The Activation fee is for connecting your mobile to the network and setting up the SIM card.

Others have been told:

The Activation fee is for doing the paperwork of setting up or renewing your contract.

All of which are absurd and clearly just a money grab! We must say we can’t be happier that it is now gone!

Source: Telus

We all knew this day was coming, Bell’s exclusivity for the Galaxy Nexus has just about ended and Rogers, Fido and Telus are all set to release the Galaxy Nexus this Friday (January 13,2012)  and it looks like Telus is sweetening the deal by dropping the price to only $99.99 on a 3 year contract. Previously this phone has gone for $159.99 on a 3 year and we’re not sure of Rogers or Fido’s pricing yet, but we’ll keep you informed!!

Source: Mobilesyrup

Lots of crazy news is happening at the moment with CES in full swing, but there are a few choice bits of information that we really like to hear. Possibly the one of the biggest bits of news we’ve heard so far is that our very own Telus is going to be launching the Samsung Galaxy Note (5.3 inch Super AMOLED screen with its very own special S-Pen, dual core 1.5ghz processor, 1gb of ram) as well as they’ll be finally matching Rogers and Bell by launching their very own LTE network.

The Note itself is supposed to bridge the gap between Smartphones and Tablets and we’re very eager to get some hands on time with this device, but the fact that Telus will be launching LTE as well just makes this news even sweeter.

Who’s going to be holding out on getting the Galaxy Nexus (that Telus is releasing this coming Friday) for a Galaxy Note?

Take a look at one of Samsung’s commercials for the Note below.



Source: Engadget

We may still not know when Sammy’s latest and greatest Superphone will be released in the US, but we are one step closer  now that the boys over at Engadget have been tipped off about the Carrier Specific names for the Galaxy S II.

Seems that a listing for a silicone case for the brand new phone lists 3 specific versions as…

  1. Attain (for AT&T)
  2. Function (Verizon)
  3. Within (Sprint)

This should mean that these are most likely the international names it will be released under so Rogers will most likely be carrying the Attain, and Bell & Telus will fight over the Function and Within.

This time we haven’t seen anything about different hardware variations though so it should be the same thing with all the carriers.

The biggest note here is the lack of T-Mobile mention, meaning there will probably be a different SKU specific for them.

Source: engadget

So a little while ago we were allowed to join a Rogers conference where they discussed everything from policies to where the wireless industry is going!

The most interesting thing we heard was that the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) would be re-looking at the current wireless standards set in Canada and would possibly be changing the rules regarding carriers locking phones to only their service.

If they are to approve this new mandate, they would be ruling that all carriers would no longer be allowed to lock their phones meaning that any phone could be used on any network without needing an unlock code!

Whether this is going to happen or not we have yet to see but Rogers has taken an early step an already begun SIM unlocking their phones for Fido and Chatr. This means any newly purchased Rogers, Fido or Chatr phone are already unlocked for each others service! We’ve tested it out between a few Rogers, Fido and Chatr phones already and so far none of them have asked for an unlock code so things must be moving along.

Alright CRTC, will Canada truly be free to switch between carriers? It’s your move now.

So lately there’s been a lot of buzz about $30 unlimited incoming plans on the Canadian shores. So far 4 companies have jumped on board (including 2 major ones) and we thought we’d just lay it out all for you to make it easier.

So we’ll start with the 2 more basic companies which were already offering similar plans.

Fido (Rogers baby) changed their $35 plan now to $30 which gives the following

  • 150 weekday minutes
  • Unlimited evenings/weekends from 7pm
  • Unlimited incoming texts
  • Unlimited outgoing texts
  • Unlimited outgoing international texts
  • Unlimited incoming calls

So not too bad of a plan for $30/month! Next up is Bells baby Virgin Mobile…

  • 150 weekday minutes
  • Unlimited evenings/weekends from 7pm
  • Unlimited incoming texts
  • Unlimited outgoing texts
  • Unlimited outgoing international texts

The next bad boy up is Telus who just recently brought out it’s $30 plan. Here are the details:

  • 150 weekday minutes
  • Unlimited evenings/weekends from 6pm
  • Unlimited incoming texts
  • Unlimited outgoing texts
  • Unlimited outgoing international texts
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • FREE Voicemail

And for the last of the Unlimited $30 plans is Rogers who just announced this plan today to compete with Telus’s $30 unlimited plan. The details are as follows:

  • 150 weekday minutes
  • Unlimited evenings/weekends from 6pm
  • Unlimited incoming texts
  • Unlimited outgoing texts
  • Unlimited outgoing international texts
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited BBM with any Blackberry 8520

The only thing the Rogers plan is not offering is the free voicemail but as a twist, if you opt to go with a blackberry 8520, they are giving you free BBM which means this could be the perfect plan for those kids!!

Anyway you pick it’s a pretty good deal so choose wisely, and we’ll keep our ears open for when Ma Bell decides that they’ll follow suit as well!


Recently we’ve received quite a few inquiries about why Rogers is only announcing 4G/LTE coming soon while Bell and Telus are already touting the fact that they have 4G in place across the country.

The truth of the matter is Rogers, Bell and Telus all have the same capabilities for the time being. Recently the standards set by the International Telecoms Union were lowered setting the previous 4G benchmark of LTE to the same as “advanced 3G” which is technically any HSPA network with speeds greater than 3Mbps. Based on this interpretation, all Canadian carriers have 4G networks.

Rogers has taken the stance of not confusing the masses by renaming it’s current HSPA+ network to 4G like Bell and Telus have and have recently announced the development of their own LTE network which will be the true 4G experience.

The biggest problem in this whole issue is the use of the names 4G and LTE. Everyone believes 4G to be the next fastest wireless service when infact it is called LTE.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It was first described as the intermediate step between 3G and 4G (4G used to have the standards set at 1Gbit/s transfer rates) so LTE was anything faster than the current HSPA+ networks but could not reach that 1Gbit/s transfer speed.

Now since standards have been changed and the definitions have been redefined, anything with 3mbps speed and faster can now be called 4G meaning that LTE is still the next logical step ABOVE 4G since 4G is essentially the same as HSPA+.

But why do we need LTE? LTE promises speeds reaching up to the 1Gbit/s that were once required for 4G classification. The truth of the matter is LTE is still being developed. It is in no way a mature network that can be fully harnessed yet. There have been tests that show speeds reaching well over 100MB/s using LTE technology and that was stated at less that it’s optimal performance.

Imagine, a world where cell phones can harness LTE technology and receive data rates faster than at home connections? This is the MAIN goal with LTE. They hope to create this insanely fast network and learn to harness it all by having both Voice communications AND Data communications all over this one network (unlike how now it is split into 2 networks one allowing voice and the other allowing data).

So despite carriers claiming they have 4G networks and that they are currently at the head of the game, we have to look deeper into what the meanings behind them really are.

Whether LTE ever really lives up to the hype it’s getting we’ll have to wait and see, who knows, it may end up being umbrellaed under the name 5G, but either way, the future looks fast…

Telus announced a little while back that they would be getting the HTC Desire HD soon and the day has finally come, the Desire HD is now finally available!

In case you forgot, this bad boy is rocking a 4.3inch screen with a powerful 1ghz processor. Also sporting the newest version of HTC’s Sense UI and an 8MP camera, this is one phone to want.

And it can be yours now for $499.99 with no contract, or $149.99 on a 3 year contract.

Who’s going to be picking one of these up today?

So word on high has finally fallen and Rogers has given the go ahead on Blackberry’s new flagship phone letting people of Canada know that September 24th they will be able to bask in the Torch’s glory!

Rogers will be offering it for $199.99 on a 3 year contract and probably somewhere around $549.99 with no contract.

Likewise Telus has a teaser page on their website announcing it will be coming soon, and Ma Bell has nothing “posted” but a quick search on their site for “Torch” says it finds results in the store even though nothing is displayed, we’re assuming they will probably get the Torch around the same time as Rogers.

So who’s ready to camp out overnight to get their hands on some new Touch Blackberry awesomeness?

And don’t forget to check out our exclusive full review of the Torch that we did back when it was released on AT&T with video and all.

We’ll give updated impressions once we have our hands on a Rogers model.

Source: Rogers

Well due to a miss-uploaded video onto youtube, we finally have it confirmed that there will infact be a Milestone 2 heading overseas and hopefully Canada-side very soon! Just like the first Droid it looks to be an exact copy of the Droid 2 just renamed and GSM obviously for the rest of the world.

Motorola quickly yanked the video off of youtube so unfortunately we can’t see it now, but hopefully very very soon we’ll have more details as to when and who will be getting one! Plus we’re dying to get our hands on one as well and we’ll for sure keep you all in the loop!

In case you forgot, the Milestone 2 has a 1Ghz OMAP processor, 512MB Ram, 5 megapixel snapper, and comes with Android 2.2 stock!