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In a surprisingly shocking move, Telus has decided to finally put an end to the all annoying $35 activation fee that all customers pay on New Activations and Upgrades and the $25 Equipment Exchange Fee!

This is amazing news as one of the big three wireless companies in Canada, we can only hope that the others will follow soon [here’s looking at you Rogers & Bell]!

The $35 Activation fee has always been a hot topic among the Canadian Wireless companies, and most people could never get a straight answer as to what it was for.

Some people have been told:

The Activation fee is for connecting your mobile to the network and setting up the SIM card.

Others have been told:

The Activation fee is for doing the paperwork of setting up or renewing your contract.

All of which are absurd and clearly just a money grab! We must say we can’t be happier that it is now gone!

Source: Telus

So Motorola keeping up their firm grasp on control over their phone’s software has issued an official warning to all Droid X owners to NOT INSTALL the leaked update that’s been flying around the interwebs recently.

They have made it very clear they are not upgrading that version of their 2.2 software so when the official release happens next month you may be stuck on a hacked version without anywhere to go. So if you’re thinking about changing your software around anytime soon, you might want to hold off for about a month.

Source: Motorola Forums

So Motorola has updated their timeline again this time letting us all know that the Milestone for Canada (yay!) will be getting its 2.2 Update in Q1 of next year (boo!)… Which is MUCH later than any other phones planned for its release plus is also AFTER Gingerbread is supposed to be gracing our devices… This is sad news Motorola, we really need a more efficient way of updating software… Anyone else enjoying their hacked Froyo-ie goodness like I am? Thanks Motorola…

Hey everyone, sorry to be slow on the posts the past couple of days, truth be told we’re actually in the process of expanding and moving the site so it’s hard to get a ton of posts in and continue backing up/moving/working on new designs. So be patient and stick with us, we promise we’ll have some awesome stuff for you tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s stuff includes a full review of AppInventor from Google (was going to put this out today but we wanted some more time to work with it to give a real good idea of it), an exclusive review of the NEW Motorola Flip Out with hands on video and review!! Plus we’ve got another app to review and some more cool things!!

So stick with us and hopefully you’ll love the new look coming soon!

P.S. getting some shirts made this week so we’ll have pictures up and an order form for those of you that want to get your swag on!

Hopefully good news for all us Canadians with the Milestone and those over in Germany and the UK, as twitter user o2myhandy posted (in German) that the Milestone would be receiving Android 2.2 update around the middle to end of September! And if O2 customers get it, that almost certainly means the rest of us will get it as well!

This is great to hear since the last thing on the topic Motorola had said was that “the decision had yet to be made by Motorola” if they would port 2.2 to our lovely device!

So everyone break out the countdowns and let’s get ready for some froyo goodness! Let’s just hope it won’t be delayed like previous updates for months on end…