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So hot on the heels of some “leaked” images of the surely to be upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III that leaked last week (that were totally fake), are new rumours about the specs of possibly what will be Samsung’s next FlagShip phone.

The current Galaxy S and S II line have already shipped more than 30 million units world wide, so obviously Samsung is going to want to pack an extra punch with it’s 3rd iteration of its ever so popular device.

These specs are all to be taken with a grain of salt (leaked over on Korean site ETNews), let’s break down the rumours and see what we think is real or not.

Quad-core processor

-The Transformer Prime is the first tablet to be released with a Quad-core processor. It’s hit some Canadian shores and suffered a delay everywhere else. By the time this phone comes out, its possible everything will be hammered out and finalized so we can chalk this rumour up to a definitely possible, besides Samsung is going to want to stay ahead of the pack if they want to keep the Galaxy S line on top.

Super AMOLED Plus 720p Screen

So far there has been no word on an actual screen size for the phone, but we’d bet it’ll be something similar to the Galaxy Nexus (maybe they can lose the PenTile display by then), but I think this is a given for all their new high end smartphones.

Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz

This has to be the one spec we can bet our lives on this phone having. We already know Samsung is in the works cooking up some IceCream Sandwich goodness with TouchWiz for its other Galaxy S II line, the 3 would have to have this already included.


LTE is not a far stretch. It’s the way the mobile world is heading and considering Samsung already has LTE in the Galaxy Nexus (on Verizon) and in the Galaxy S II LTE I’m sure they’ll find a way to squeeze it into their new baby (hopefully they’ll have a way to keep the battery chugging along longer though by then!)

2GB of RAM

So far no phone has passed the 1GB of Ram spec. If the phone did indeed move up to a quad-core processor, I could see this being believable, although possibly somewhat unnecessary as 4.0 already adds a lot of control and improvements over the RAM, they may want to add this for more “console” style gaming that’s expected to hit phones soon.

Last but not least, our favourite:

3D Screen

Lg’s done it, HTC’s done it, and well, it’s probably about time for Samsung to do it. By far, of all the TV’s out there, we were most wowed by Samsung’s Smart TV’s and their stunning display of 3D, why not bring that fun to their mobile phones as well?

The hard part we have believing with this is that they’d be able to manage this with the current Super AMOLED HD screens that are currently out (otherwise why wouldn’t they have done it already?) Unless they were waiting for a couple other competitors to get it into the market, get people interested in it, and then hit the masses with a huge does of 3D all at once.

Besides, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 3D? Seems like a pretty easy marketing campaign right there.

So all in all, out of all the rumours I’ve got to say we can seriously see a lot of them coming true if the cards fall into place.

Mobile World Congress is in February so we might see a reveal then, which means we may not have that long to wait after all!

Now the real question is, would you guys like it if they threw all this into one seriously powerful Superphone?

Let us know in the poll below!

Source: ETNews

Via: MobileSyrup


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