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We may still not know when Sammy’s latest and greatest Superphone will be released in the US, but we are one step closer  now that the boys over at Engadget have been tipped off about the Carrier Specific names for the Galaxy S II.

Seems that a listing for a silicone case for the brand new phone lists 3 specific versions as…

  1. Attain (for AT&T)
  2. Function (Verizon)
  3. Within (Sprint)

This should mean that these are most likely the international names it will be released under so Rogers will most likely be carrying the Attain, and Bell & Telus will fight over the Function and Within.

This time we haven’t seen anything about different hardware variations though so it should be the same thing with all the carriers.

The biggest note here is the lack of T-Mobile mention, meaning there will probably be a different SKU specific for them.

Source: engadget

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