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Well due to a miss-uploaded video onto youtube, we finally have it confirmed that there will infact be a Milestone 2 heading overseas and hopefully Canada-side very soon! Just like the first Droid it looks to be an exact copy of the Droid 2 just renamed and GSM obviously for the rest of the world.

Motorola quickly yanked the video off of youtube so unfortunately we can’t see it now, but hopefully very very soon we’ll have more details as to when and who will be getting one! Plus we’re dying to get our hands on one as well and we’ll for sure keep you all in the loop!

In case you forgot, the Milestone 2 has a 1Ghz OMAP processor, 512MB Ram, 5 megapixel snapper, and comes with Android 2.2 stock!

Source: MobiFlip.de

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