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So Apple had their much anticipated iPod conference show today and we’ve got all the details for you wrapped up in a neat little package:

iOS 4.1

Steve announced the new iOS 4.1 today offering:

– bug fixes (proximity, Bluetooth)

-new High Dynamic Range photos (essentially reworks white balance to get more vibrant pictures even at distances)

-HD video upload over WiFi

-TV show rentals

-Game Center (a new multiplayer area that lets you challenge friends, compare scores, play new games and get achievements)

They demoed a new game Project Sword that had incredible graphics and intuitive controls that looked pretty amazing.

iOS4.1 will be available next week for free download through iTunes.

iOS 4.2 Sneak Peek

Steve also hinted at the new iOS 4.2 that will be catching up with the iPad that allows the iPad to do everything the iPhone 4 can, plus gives it wireless printing capabilities and the new feature AirTunes. AirTunes will allow it to stream audio, video and photos over WiFi. iOS 4.2 will be available in November.


New iPod shuffle to add buttons back but make it even smaller! Features are:

-small and wearable



-Genious mixes

-VoiceOver (allows you to hear and select playlists without having a screen)


New iPod Nano is making the nano essentially a tiny iPod touch! Features are:

-multi-touch user interface

-clip to wear

-volume buttons


-FM radio, Nike+, pedometer

-29 languages

-$149 8GB, 179 16GB

New iPod Touch is revamped to be thinner and nicer looking, plus they added the same retina display as the iPhone 4, the main features are:

-Retina Display

-Apple A4 chip (same processor as iPhone 4)

-3-axis Gyro (for gaming)

-iOS 4.1 with Game Center

-FaceTime with front and back camera over WiFi

-$229 8GB, $299 32GB, 399 64GB

All the new iPods will be available next week.


iTunes new logo

As well as revamping the iPods Apple decided they needed to change iTunes around a little bit by redoing the Logo/Icon. Some other changes include how music is displayed and a new social networking addition called Ping.

Ping is essentially a cross between Facebook and Twitter for the music scene. It allows you to follow friends and artists and update them with reviews, purchases, thoughts, concerts, pretty much anything you’re doing music related and allows you to share it with who you’d like. You can share with everyone or only your friends you choose.

All this will be integrated right into iTunes 10 (available now) and can be used on the iPhone and iPad through the iTunes app as well.

Apple TV

Lastly Steve wanted to talk about Apple TV. It wasn’t a big hit when it first broke the scene in 2006 so they’re looking for a redo to see if they can get it to catch on. The main features are:

-Movies, TV shows and music

-All HD where available

-All rentals (no more purchases)

-No storage management

-Streaming (no syncing with computers)

-Photo slide shows

-Small, tiny and cool (about 1 fourth the size of the old Apple TV box)

With this HD movies will cost $4.99 to rent, HD TV shows will be only $.99 cents (commercial free) and right now ABC and Fox have already signed on with Apple. You can also stream from your computer Netflix, YouTube, flickr and mobileme.

Everything with the new Apple TV has been worked on for a much easier, simpler and faster interface which we think looks pretty nice. Whether it will be enough to make people make the jump over, we’ll see, Apple has priced it at $99 and will be available in 4 weeks.

That’s about it from the show, they had Christ Martin from ColdPlay perform live for the audience which we weren’t able to attend sadly but our friends at engadget got all the pictures.

**Pictures all from Engadget’s coverage at the source link below**

Source: engadget

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