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Sony has now posted another teaser video in follow up to last weeks teaser “The Reload“. Instead of answering any questions it’s only now adding more confusion.

The latest video shows the same woman walking through a dark hallway with a set of skull keys. As the camera pans you see a Janitor sweeping up hundreds of bullets off the floor, he leans down and picks up a large sword and it cuts to the date October 23rd.

At least we won’t have to wait too long as October 23rd is tomorrow, but what can these confusing videos mean? The first video left us thinking that possibly there was another Infamous in the works, but with this follow up and no electricity or anything, we’re wondering if that is the case. We’re leaning more towards either something with Playstation Allstars Battle Royale or just the continuation of the Long Live Play campaign. It could still be referring to the newly redesigned playstation store, but with the launch of it being pushed off of October 23rd, we’re wondering if that would be the case.

Make sure to stay tuned here tomorrow when all will be revealed and let us know what you think this could mean in the comments below!


 **UPDATE** So it turns out that we somehow managed to miss that Sony had posted another video, this time called “The Arrival”. Showing the same woman in the other 2 videos we see a truck pull up to a building with a silhouette of the driver clearly looking like Nathan Drake, she nods at him and he hops out of the truck cutting to tomorrow’s date again.

More and more as we watch these videos the probability of this being Playstation Allstars Battle Royale becomes more and more prevalent. This time showing Nathan Drake and the next video (shown above) the janitor sweeping up bullets and picking up what looks to be Sweet Tooth’s machete (not to mention the small ice-cream cone beside it on the ground). 

This means we have references to Sweet Tooth, Cole, Nathan Drake and numerous other characters from Playstation Allstars Battle Royale, so the big question is, what are they going to reveal about it tomorrow? Stay tuned to find out!



 Source: Sony

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