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So if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, over at you can NOW sign up for a limited Beta program!

This program is only open to registrants up till March21st 2pm Pacific time. Starting April 12th, they will begin starting to choose entrants at “random” and sending them an email with a voucher for a beta access to the brand new mission designer asking that all beta testers begin creating levels that if they qualify, will be entered into the game for EVERYONE to see and play once the game comes out in June!!

Now if that doesn’t sound amazing, then I don’t know what does!!

And if you’re wondering HOW do I register, just hop on over to the main page of and click on the UGC little picture (bottom right side) and sign up for the beta access. It also would be good to check out the full rules as you have to re-register if you’re already registered on their site and other crazy bits of information like what your levels need to qualify and how to enter if you’re not in the States. (currently the beta says only US residents can sign up but no official word has been passed down)

So get to signing up and hope that you’ll be one of the lucky 9000 people picked!!! And if you are, let us know because we’re dying to know how it is, and of course, if we make it we’ll have plenty of videos and pictures for you all!! So stay tuned!!

Source: Playstation Blog (this link to register)

So we were recently just tipped off to a new creepy commercial for the brand new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play that is said to be coming very soon to a mobile shop near you. Now, we’ve seen our share of weird and strange ads, but none that tell the story of a guy hooking up with a girl, to lose his thumbs and see them attached to our favourite little Green buddy walking around the next day…

That’s right, you read it correct. This commercial starts with some random guy talking recanting his strange story to some seedy looking police figures. He tells them he went clubbing with some friends, met some girls and had some drinks. One girl really “liked him” or so he thought, and after taking her home, woke up in the morning to find her missing. Checked his phone, wallet, money, and valuables only THEN does he notice that his two thumbs are missing… (Cause I would look for my phone before looking at my own hands for sure…) Cut to a street scene and our favourite little android walking down the road with two very badly sown on thumbs and then some very sexy videos of the new Play in action.

So does this make you want it more? The idea of being attractive to women? Getting lucky? Or really, just being creeped out at an Android with your thumbs… Whatever you happen to fancy, check out the video right below…


Sony just officially announced the release date for the upcoming PS3 exclusive Infamous 2.

For those who have eagerly been waiting, the second chapter in Cole’s lightning filled life will be enough June 7, 2011!!

That’s right, only a few months away for those eagerly waiting to choose to be a good hero or an evil villian!

The limited Hero Edition for $99.99

With this announcement Sony has also announced the limited edition Hero version for $99.99, which will include a highly detailed 8.5” Cole MacGrath statue, a sportable sling pack modeled after Cole’s own in-game gear, the inFAMOUS #1 mini comic from DC  Comics, the official inFAMOUS 2 HERO Edition Soundtrack and a super voucher code for a collection of in-game content.

Sony has also announced the pre-order bonuses which will be another annoying split between 4 major retailers, meaning any Infamous 2 fans will  n0t be able to receive everything unless they want to buy the game 4 times… The special pre-orders are as follows…

Preorder from Amazon and get a gold version of his new Cattle Prod melee weapon...

Pre-order at Walmart and get a special lightning grenade that ties down nearby enemies!

Pre-order at BestBuy and get an exclusive Kellex skin from the first game...

Or pre-order from Gamestop and get a special in game power the lightning hook that will bring items or enemies shockingly close to you!!

Now the question is, who to pre-order from?

Just to fill our geeky-ness for the day, we thought we’d post this up as any true star trek fan should know or realize that through the ages (and with graphics continuing to get better over the years) its only natural that the Warp Speed effect would change with each new show and movie. Someone put together a nice video moving through all the movies and shows showing the different warp effects.

We were actually pretty sad to see that over the years they actually lost the trail of light and it almost seems to have gotten simpler. But it’s pretty neat anyway, so check out the video below.

[youtube=]Source: switched

So Apple had their much anticipated iPod conference show today and we’ve got all the details for you wrapped up in a neat little package:

iOS 4.1

Steve announced the new iOS 4.1 today offering:

– bug fixes (proximity, Bluetooth)

-new High Dynamic Range photos (essentially reworks white balance to get more vibrant pictures even at distances)

-HD video upload over WiFi

-TV show rentals

-Game Center (a new multiplayer area that lets you challenge friends, compare scores, play new games and get achievements)

They demoed a new game Project Sword that had incredible graphics and intuitive controls that looked pretty amazing.

iOS4.1 will be available next week for free download through iTunes.

iOS 4.2 Sneak Peek

Steve also hinted at the new iOS 4.2 that will be catching up with the iPad that allows the iPad to do everything the iPhone 4 can, plus gives it wireless printing capabilities and the new feature AirTunes. AirTunes will allow it to stream audio, video and photos over WiFi. iOS 4.2 will be available in November.


New iPod shuffle to add buttons back but make it even smaller! Features are:

-small and wearable



-Genious mixes

-VoiceOver (allows you to hear and select playlists without having a screen)


New iPod Nano is making the nano essentially a tiny iPod touch! Features are:

-multi-touch user interface

-clip to wear

-volume buttons


-FM radio, Nike+, pedometer

-29 languages

-$149 8GB, 179 16GB

New iPod Touch is revamped to be thinner and nicer looking, plus they added the same retina display as the iPhone 4, the main features are:

-Retina Display

-Apple A4 chip (same processor as iPhone 4)

-3-axis Gyro (for gaming)

-iOS 4.1 with Game Center

-FaceTime with front and back camera over WiFi

-$229 8GB, $299 32GB, 399 64GB

All the new iPods will be available next week.


iTunes new logo

As well as revamping the iPods Apple decided they needed to change iTunes around a little bit by redoing the Logo/Icon. Some other changes include how music is displayed and a new social networking addition called Ping.

Ping is essentially a cross between Facebook and Twitter for the music scene. It allows you to follow friends and artists and update them with reviews, purchases, thoughts, concerts, pretty much anything you’re doing music related and allows you to share it with who you’d like. You can share with everyone or only your friends you choose.

All this will be integrated right into iTunes 10 (available now) and can be used on the iPhone and iPad through the iTunes app as well.

Apple TV

Lastly Steve wanted to talk about Apple TV. It wasn’t a big hit when it first broke the scene in 2006 so they’re looking for a redo to see if they can get it to catch on. The main features are:

-Movies, TV shows and music

-All HD where available

-All rentals (no more purchases)

-No storage management

-Streaming (no syncing with computers)

-Photo slide shows

-Small, tiny and cool (about 1 fourth the size of the old Apple TV box)

With this HD movies will cost $4.99 to rent, HD TV shows will be only $.99 cents (commercial free) and right now ABC and Fox have already signed on with Apple. You can also stream from your computer Netflix, YouTube, flickr and mobileme.

Everything with the new Apple TV has been worked on for a much easier, simpler and faster interface which we think looks pretty nice. Whether it will be enough to make people make the jump over, we’ll see, Apple has priced it at $99 and will be available in 4 weeks.

That’s about it from the show, they had Christ Martin from ColdPlay perform live for the audience which we weren’t able to attend sadly but our friends at engadget got all the pictures.

**Pictures all from Engadget’s coverage at the source link below**

Source: engadget

We know everyone is huge into sharing movies, music and other things online and is taking that up a notch by offering Big Hollywood Movies available for Torrent downloads in a nice easy to use interface.

Most Torrent sites are usually confusing at best with rudimentary search engines and pure text result pages, is changing that by offering nice searching displaying the movie covers, ratings, recommended movies and blurbs about the movies!

Now you finally have a way to download all those movies you never got a chance to watch, that you obviously own a copy of anyway right…?