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Well fellow assassin’s, we’ve done it! Through a crazy viral Ubisoft ad campaign (that all of us ran ourselves) the first ever Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay footage is here, I’ll shut up and check it out below!!


Source: Ubisoft

A lot of people may be wondering whats going on in the tech world today, one of the big announcements is the new introduction to Google Live Search that has begun to role out to signed in users on

Basically what this means is that users that are logged into their google accounts and go to (not their affiliate sites like etc) and start searching, without even hitting the “Enter” key the page will automatically update as you begin typing your search showing the results as you type.

They’ve also added new functions like live updating scrolling searches on the pages you’re viewing. This functionality will be updated for all soon enough probably over the next few days, so why not jump over to google and check it out?


Source: Google

Are you a Microsoft die hard? If so, sorry to let you know but Microsoft is raising Xbox live prices starting November 1st. The changes range depending where you live with us in Canada not seeing much of a change from $9 monthly to $10 monthly, the biggest affected is the US whos daily, monthly and yearly prices will all be changing.

Check out chart to see all the changes.

Microsoft hasn’t given much reasons as to the price change and some analysts say its just like how  game prices have risen from $50 to $60 each since Xbox Live debuted in 2001.

Another reason to switch to a PS3? Maybe not but that free online is still looking pretty nice to us here.