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With the whole of North America looking at Samsung for answers as to when it’s newest greatest baby the Galaxy S II would hit NA shores, yesterday we were thrown a curveball from SaskTel, a Canadian wireless company that announced through it’s twitter feed that they would be releasing the Galaxy S II next month

@BrendonSled We will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II device in the next month that has the dual core. ^KK

This comes as surprising news and makes us all hopeful that this means that the other Canadian carriers (Rogers, Telus, Bell) will all follow suit and release the Galaxy S II next month! It is expected to come in 3 different variants which we broke news about here if you missed it (Attain, Function and Within).

There’s no news as to which version SaskTel will be releasing but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled! Stay tuned!

Source: Twitter

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