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As kind of a homage to the Droid 2’s launch recently and our post about the Droid 2 R2-D2 edition earlier this morning it only seems fitting our app would have something to do with it as well too!

Today’s app isn’t quite a normal app, it’s the new Live Wallpaper (those fun moving, sometimes interactive, wallpapers that were introduce in Android 2.1)

The good guys over at XDA developers have managed to pull the new funky Red Eye with pulsing lights out from the Droid 2 and have taken the time to mod it into some new funky colors and slightly different animations!

We’ve included a couple screenshots here but follow the link just below and check out the rest of them there!

** How to install**

-Download the .APK file from the link

-Put it on your memory card

-Browse to the file using something like Astro

-Open with App Manager

-Click install

-Click on live wallpapers and it will be there!!!

You can download them all here! XDA-developers

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