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THQ has just announced that they will be releasing a collectors edition of its upcoming game Darksiders II and that all existing pre-orders will be upgraded to the new Limited Edition copy of the game.

The new Limited Edition of Darksiders II comes with an extra downloadable content “Argul’s Tomb,” as “the game’s first single-player downloadable content pack.” It also states that the Limited Edition voucher can be used “once [the DLC] becomes available,” implying that it may not be released on day-one.

The collector’s edition will include the newly announced Limited Edition plus some extra goodies like:

  • a replica life sized Death Mask
  • Unique in game armour and weapon set with enhanced skills
  • the official digital soundtrack
  • and a hardcover art book
All this can be had for $99 and will be available in the US, Canada and Europe.

After many years of complaints from frustrated Street Fighter and Lumines fans Microsoft has finally found the time to come out with a reworked Xbox 360 Controller that is specifically designed to fix everyone’s gripe about the D-Pad.

This new controller features the option to twist the D-Pad to raise it higher allowing easier control.

It also features a new color scheme of grey’s instead of Xbox’s normal candy colored buttons.

It will be available November 9th only in the play-and-charge bundles for $65 in the US and expected later in February in Europe.

Here’s the official unveiling vid:


Are you a Microsoft die hard? If so, sorry to let you know but Microsoft is raising Xbox live prices starting November 1st. The changes range depending where you live with us in Canada not seeing much of a change from $9 monthly to $10 monthly, the biggest affected is the US whos daily, monthly and yearly prices will all be changing.

Check out chart to see all the changes.

Microsoft hasn’t given much reasons as to the price change and some analysts say its just like how  game prices have risen from $50 to $60 each since Xbox Live debuted in 2001.

Another reason to switch to a PS3? Maybe not but that free online is still looking pretty nice to us here.