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We’ve got a few reports this morning that as stores were getting ready to sell the iPhone 4 [that Rogers, Bell and Telus began selling this morning], as some stores we’re trying to lock up their Display iPhone 4’s, the locking clamp when tightened around the phone actually separated the glass from the front of the phone and cracked the LCD underneath.

We were told they didn’t even try tightening the display clamp very hard and it just split right off. Could this be a manufacturing issue? We already know that all the Canadian stores were short shipped from the original amount they were supposed to get, maybe they’re just rushing out the production of these more now? Let us know if you have any problems with yours and were one of the lucky few to get one!

All I know is it doesn’t sound too good on day one having to tell a customer that our display unit broke now does it? Check the other picture after the Read More… link!

"Cracked LCD with glass slightly off"
You can see in the lower left corner that the icons and LCD are all messed up along the left side of the phone.
"iPhone Crack 2"
"Notice how the glass has pulled away from the LCD and the light is coming directly out!

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