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So the day many people have been waiting for has finally arrived, were you able to stand it? Or were you too impatient and ended up buying an iPhone 4 on ebay for slightly over a grand as I’ve seen some people do? For those a little more patient, only an hour awaits until Rogers stores (and Bell/Telus most likely as well) will open early at 9am for you to get your iPhone 4 goodness. Better hope you’re in line already though as I’ve had a few people emailing me letting me know there are lines at stores all over Ontario at the moment (some even as long as a couple hundred). Hopefully stocks will hold out for you all as there have been rumors the good people at Apple have short shipped the carriers and there may not be a lot at each store. We’ve got a few reports indicating some stores only have about 10 so you better get a move on, check out some pictures of people already patiently waiting in line after the break, and if you’re one of those people, remember to send in those pictures to etechtour@gmail.com and I’ll post them up here right away!

Keep checking back all day as I’ll update here, now the big choice, Red, Blue or Green?

Some eager people waiting outside a Rogers in Brampton

Another shot of people waiting in Brampton

Another lineup care of Mr. Blurry Cam infront of a Rogers in Mississauga

Thanks to everyone who’s been sending in pictures, keep them coming!

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