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Sorry about the tardiness of the App of the Day posts, stuff has been hectic with switching between jobs, server upgrades and talking with Sony and Motorola about things plus been testing the Viper Smart Start in my car.

Anyway, we’ll try and be better with updating our App of the day, so today we want to please everyone and offer Kik Messenger (on iPhone, Android AND Blackberry hooray!)

Kik Messenger is basically Blackberry Messenger but universal so it will work on any of the 3 platforms. Like BBM it uses data for sending messages meaning no pesky text message charges from your carrier PLUS no long distance to international friends as well.

Open Chats with Friends

While not being quite as robust as BBM it offers enough to make worthwhile. The interface is friendly and nice and the messages are threaded and we dig the color scheme they’ve chosen.

Two other awesome things about Kik are that they’ve implemented the same delivery notification as BBM. This means you can see when your friend receives your message on their device and then can actually tell when it’s been read by a little notification to the left of your messages (marked S for sending, D for delivered or R for read). The other thing is you can actually search your chats in case you forgot some important detail someone told you.

Conversation window

All in all it’s a solid app that plays nice with all the platforms. The Android release is still in its Beta stage so we’re hoping they can add some needed improvements but even as is it is fun and most importantly, free, so you can’t really go wrong with it.

Download Kik Messenger from the AppStore, App World, or Market today for free and start talking to your friends on iPhones again!

  1. Hi, I’m Tera the Community Manager for Kik

    Great write-up! Glad to see that you’re enjoying your Kik Messenger experience – we’re very proud of our Android client 🙂

    Very glad you like the colour scheme as well – sometimes it’s a hot topic but you can’t please everyone!

    We have a lot coming up from Kik – expect to see something completely different from us soon 🙂

    Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions (www.twitter.com/tera_kristen)

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