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Well it seems someone must have let the cat out of the bag as the boys over at phonearena as someone has tipped them to Verizon’s roadmap for the rest of the year. Now obviously this isn’t confirmed and dates can always change but if this is true there are some rather big announcements and launches going to be happening!

Here’s a rundown of the main highlights…


Motorola Droid 2 World Edition – same black/blue color and white

-LG Octane VN530, LG VN270, Pantech Crux and ZTE Salute – basic entry phones with cheaper prices


Blackberry Storm 3 – rumored to still use the SureTouch screen rather than the nice capacitive screen like the Torch but still running 6.0

-Blackberry Curve 9330

-Samsung Fascinate – Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S, although much later than everyone else

-Samsung Continuum I400, Samsung Gem I100 – lower end android phones

-Motorola XT610 – 4.3 inch beast like droid X but with lower specs and lower price point

Motorola A957 “Sick”/DroidPro – the 4-inch screen 1.3Ghz touting Android beast

Palm Pre 2 – not really any details available about this one but definitely one to watch for


enTourage eDGe – dual screen e-reader + tablet Android device

HTC Merge – 10MP camera and 1Ghz processor?!

Motorola z600 “Stingray” – Android tablet!!

-Samsung I800 – rumored to be another 10inch tablet from Sammy

So if this holds any weight at all it looks like we could have a VERY promising winter coming up! Who else can’t wait to find out more about the “Sick”?

Source: phoneArena

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