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BoyGeniusReport apparently got their hands on a leaked screenshot from a Verizon system showing the NEW Droid Pro (MOT DROID A957)? And a Droid 2 World Edition (MOTA956)? That’s amazing news for us Canadians and GSM users all over the world! Hopefully coming soon will be some new Motorola Devices that GSM users can get their Android on!

The rumored specs of the Droid Pro are a 4-inch screen, 1.3GHz CPU and global roaming (GSM!!)

Also leaked was the model number of the Motorola Android tablet that we just learned may actually be called the Stingray! This is rumored to be running either 2.2 or hopefully 3.0 when it comes out, a front AND back camera and a 10-inch screen!! Can anyone say iPad killer?

Stay tuned for more info as we find out!

Via: Droid-life

Source: BGR

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