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We’ve all been there, driving and someone sends us an email or sends us a text. Now that it’s the law that we can’t answer or check these while driving (at least here in Canada) someone has made an app to solve our problem! Today’s review is on an app that every driver should have, Drive Safe.ly (yes the period is infact in the correct place…) This is a very cool app that reads every incoming text and email that you receive out loud so you don’t have to look at your phone (and get a ticket!!).

When it does read out a text message it will read the name of the person that sent it to you and then the message, including words such as brb and lol! If you choose, you can also set this up for your emails too which means it’s nice and customizable so you don’t have to hear EVERY bit of spam you get (we all know you REALLY do want those pills don’t you?).

There are a few options that you can change like the voice of the reader, by default its a free female voice, and you can also change the speed of which the message is read. Another thing you can change is the amount of words that it is read, however, on the free app, only 25 words can be read at once. One cool feature about this app, is when it reads your message out loud, you can shake your phone for it to stop reading the message, however you deactivate this option if you choose.

Another awesome feature about this app is that you can set it up to connect to a Bluetooth accessory and have the messages read through your ear piece or a car stereo that is Bluetooth enabled!

Check out this app (preferably before you are behind the wheel) to check out all the other cool features about DriveSafe.ly and be a safer driver on the road (we don’t need more maniacs out there)!

Drive Safe.ly is also available on Blackberries and iPhone’s.

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