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Engadget was lucky enough to find one of the new Augen Gentouch tablets at a Kmart somewhere in the states and they’ve been kind enough to post up a rather comprehensive preview of it (linked below) but here are some of the highlights!

Now for those of you who don’t know anything about this tablet, it is for the moment at least, the cheapest priced android tablet on the market so far. That fact alone will draw thousands of people regardless, but the fact that this is one of the only tablets that have Android 2.1 loaded on it is a real bonus!

It has a 7inch resistive screen and is light enough to be held in one hand comfortably which we find with most 7inch devices is a common thing. The screen only supports 800 x 480 resolution but for such a cheap device you can’t be hoping for too much more. It comes with a stylus to use on the resistive touch screen as it is noted that finger presses do have to be very firm, but nails or the stylus seem to work well.

Paired with an 800mhz processor and 256mb of Ram this is no Droid X or Evo 4g, but it chugs away at completing its tasks even if slightly laggy.

Surprisingly it does come preloaded with the Android market which most tablets do not come with although apps don’t install properly for the moment which Augen says they are talking with Google to get that functionality working properly.

Overall it sounds like another case of you get what you pay for, but for $150 you can’t really go wrong! If you’d like to see the full review and a video check out engadgets preview at the link below.  So who’s heading over to their local Kmart to try your luck at finding one?

Thanks adam for sending this one in!


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