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So today is the big day, big Red Rogers has finally announced when they’ll be bringing LTE to Ontario’s Capital. September 28th is the magical day and they had some other big news to announce with the news.

They also decided to announce that they would have 5 LTE devices available by the end of the year, the new LTE Version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S, LTE Tablet (which will most likely be the Samsung Tab 8.9) and an LTE HTC Smartphone!

This is incredible news and just solidifies Rogers place as the Wireless leader in Canada. With Bell scrambling to try and get LTE deployed in Canada to catch up, Rogers is now blazing ahead of the competition.

LTE can theoretically reach download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and upload speeds of 70 Mbps, this is way faster than even home internet connections! Who’s getting excited for this launch?

The Rocket Stick internet plans will most likely stay the same as in Ottawa already which are:

  • $45-1.5GB
  • $60-3GB
  • $75-6GB
  • $90-9GB
  • $10-Each extra GB

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