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Thanks to our friends over at Mobilesyrup.ca we finally have a 3-year contract price for the Galaxy S II that’s being released on July 14th (read 8 days away!!)

A little while back we broke news that SaskTel had revealed their 3-year pricing as $79.99 which we thought was an amazing price, and well, seems like MaBell isn’t quite up to matching that but will be selling it at a respectible $169.95 on a 3-year contract. As we already knew the outright price will be $599.95.

Strange enough the other 2 big Canadian carriers have been rather quiet, we’ve still not heard any details from Rogers or Telus on their plans for releasing this amazing super phone. Could it be a Bell exclusive this time around?

All this information comes thanks to a The Source flyer which reveals all the juicy details, and well, we’re still getting one day one, how about you guys?

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