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Awesome news everyone, Viper has finally got with the times and updated their extremely popular SmartStart car alarm system to work with Android as well as iPhone’s and Blackberries. Now Android users can buy the module and install it in their existing Viper car alarm system or purchase the whole new alarm system with the SmartStart module and you can control your car from virtually anywhere in the world!!

The SmartStart module allows you to lock/unlock, trigger the panic, and start or stop your engine all from your wireless device using a simple app that you download for free. This app can even send you Alert’s (like a 2way remote) allowing you to know if something has happened to your car the second it happens!! There is a yearly subscription fee through Viper but it’s a small price to pay for something as cool as this.

I for one will definitely be getting this installed in my car ASAP, anyone else out there getting it or using it already? Drop a comment and let everyone know, I’ll report back once I’ve got it installed!

You can get them installed at any BestBuy in Canada (Module itself $349.99 or full alarm system $599.99) or the US, or check their site for other authorized retailers.


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