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Developers in China have found the perfect solution for the tedious rush hour traffic of each day. Just like the old sayings, if you can’t go around it, go OVER it! That’s right, they’ve designed a new bus that could actually let cars 2 meters or less drive below it as it passes by overtop! This design is being created by Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment actually looks pretty promising! It’s almost a train looking design with passengers on the top floor of the Bus leaving a large gap between the ground and it for cars to drive by! (Hooray for no more annoying stopping as you’re stuck behind a bus picking up passengers on a busy route) They plan on beginning construction of its first 186km track at the end of the year in Beijing’s Mentougou district!

You can see a video of it in action at the source link!

Better book your flight now!



Awesome news everyone, Viper has finally got with the times and updated their extremely popular SmartStart car alarm system to work with Android as well as iPhone’s and Blackberries. Now Android users can buy the module and install it in their existing Viper car alarm system or purchase the whole new alarm system with the SmartStart module and you can control your car from virtually anywhere in the world!!

The SmartStart module allows you to lock/unlock, trigger the panic, and start or stop your engine all from your wireless device using a simple app that you download for free. This app can even send you Alert’s (like a 2way remote) allowing you to know if something has happened to your car the second it happens!! There is a yearly subscription fee through Viper but it’s a small price to pay for something as cool as this.

I for one will definitely be getting this installed in my car ASAP, anyone else out there getting it or using it already? Drop a comment and let everyone know, I’ll report back once I’ve got it installed!

You can get them installed at any BestBuy in Canada (Module itself $349.99 or full alarm system $599.99) or the US, or check their site for other authorized retailers.

I’ve got to say, I’m a huge Toyota Fanboy. Anyone who knows me can spot my 2004 Toyota Celica coming from a mile away with my red rims, body kit, HID’s and lots of other awesome customizations. But on my last journey down south to California a few months ago I was surprised to see hardly any Toyotas driving around and a heck of a lot of Scion’s instead. If you don’t know, Scion is a sub company of Toyota, same as Lexus (or Honda and Acura) and while I knew that Toyota was planning on bringing Scion to Canada this year in the fall, it looks like they have begun the process already.

On my way driving home last night I noticed my local Toyota looked different so I obviously had to stop and take some pictures which you can see (click the Read More…) So far it’s looking pretty nice. Scion definitely seems to be trying to appeal to the younger crowd that Toyota lost after they stopped making all sports cars in 2005. Take a look at their website after as well (link below) and check out the models they have on sale, the tC’s actually a really nice car at a good price too, I’d consider getting one if I wasn’t waiting for the new Celica which Toyota will be reviving in the near future, I’ll have a post updating you on that later on.

So for now, enjoy the Scion’s and let’s see if they catch on as much as they have in the states and who knows, in a year, they may be the new civic/tim horton’s.

I can’t wait to take one for a test drive when they open in September of this year. Send any pictures of local Toyota’s that are making the change near you to us and we’ll update this post here!


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