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Well, we’re not sure if anyone has really asked for one, but by George, people of the US (and internationally hopefully too) are getting their first ever Android Games Challenge (AGC). This is much like the WGC (World Gaming Championship) that are had all over the world, but the lovely people at droidgamers.com are holding their own championship starting tomorrow open to all US residents (damn living in Canada). This is a ladder based tournament that will be scored on 5 different games, 1 each day (so it’s fair) and the players with the highest scores can move on to the next game. There will apparently be match ups between competitors and they will have 24hours to beat each other’s scores, achievements or whatever it is based on the specific game. They’ve got some pretty amazing prizes lined up so if you’ve got an Android Phone version 1.6 or higher you might as well head on over to the link below and sign yourself up, I’d love to win a Dell Streak myself or “any android phone” that the winner chooses. Alright US, have your fun and droidgamers.com just don’t forget about everyone up here in the great white North and make the next tournament in Canada!

And remember, if you’re signing up, drop us a comment and we’ll all track your progress and watch you rise to Android Glory!

Rules Click Here

Prizes Click Here

"Android Gaming Challenge"
Get your 'Droid on!

Source: www.droidgamers.com

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