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Today’s app is actually an awesome widget for Android devices, especially people who have ever used an HTC device or seen one using the Sense skin, and no longer have that option (ie. have moved on to newer devices perhaps) Well this app lets you get a little of that Sense feeling back!

In the market it’s called the Weather & Toggle Widget which allows you to add a flip clock style Clock to your home screen that displays the current weather as well as the time much like the Sense UI does.

One great thing with this widget is that it is skin-able as well! Many users have uploaded their own skins to a server that you can download and change to suit your home screen look and feel anytime you want!!

As a bonus, it also includes more than 10 very nice looking toggle widgets things like bluetooth, wifi, gps, 3g/2g and more! And these are all skin-able as well which means you can make everything match your home screen!

Yup, it still shows the rain with the windshield wiper!

The other great thing is that there is an add on for this app called the Weather Widget Forecast Addon which makes it so that when you touch on the flipclock it brings up the same beautiful animations (windshield wipers and all) that the Sense UI does for showing the weather as well as giving you the next couple days forecast!

This add on is also customizable allowing for many different options to be set making this one great package!!

Check it out on the market right away!

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