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Rogers has finally officially launched their third Wireless Brand today under the banner of “chatr wireless”. With this new introduction Rogers has entered into the market of value unlimited plans like other new up and comers Wind and Public Mobile. They have launched with five “chatr zones” across Canada that allow for unlimited calling and texting (either in province or nationwide depending on the plan) with other chatr zones said to be coming soon. Currently the chatr zones are in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa. Rogers is definitely hoping to pick up some extra business through these unlimited plans piggybacking off of it’s already established coast to coast network which gives them a big leg up over the competition already (who have to rely on using other established carriers [ie. Bell, Telus and Rogers] for out of zone coverage). Chatr has launched with 2 unlimited plans to begin with, $35/month giving unlimited Province-wide talk and 50 text messages, or $45/month for unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited text messages. Outside of these Chatr zones you’ll still be able to enjoy Rogers wide established coverage but at the cost of 25 cents per minute. So far they’ve introduced a modest four phones to it’s lineup of contract free plans with fairly reasonable prices offering the Nokia 1661 candy bar phone, a LG flip the GB125R, a Nokia slider 2680 and the Samsung Gravity (which is already widely popular on Rogers network) ranging from $60 to $130. Telus and Bell have also said that they will be introducing their own value unlimited brands shortly. Looks like our Canadian wireless options are getting a little more promising now eh?

"Rogers = Chatr"
"No worries... Talk happy"

Source: http://www.chatrwireless.com

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