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So we all knew that this day was coming, the Samsung Galaxy S II will be available on both Bell and Virgin starting tomorrow morning, we already had confirmation of the price from Bell and Virgin has now decided to break their silence and release a quick email to everyone who had signed up for information about the Galaxy S II (that promised something special for signing up)

Well the facts are in, everyone who signed up for details on the Galaxy S II are able to purchase the phone NOW online only though. So you can order it one day early (while supplies last) as well they are offering free shipping and a 25 giftcard!

Not too bad for a little promo ontop of an amazing phone. We had heard rumours they would release a $30 6gb plan but so far no details matching that claim, but there is still time.

As for the prices they are exactly the same as Bell, $169.99 on a 3 year contract or the super tab, and $599.99 with no contract.

Who’s ordering one online now?

Source: Virgin Mobile

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