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"D-Box Seat"
Are you ready to FEEL the movies?

Can’t really get into seeing movies at the theater anymore now with BluRay’s at home on 60” HD TV’s? I bet you haven’t been tossed around and jolted all over sitting in your nice comfy leather couch at home, or maybe you have now? D-Box is a new movie going experience that is starting to rapidly take off (hey even at home now too) that immerses you more in the film by shaking, jolting and tilting you along with the action. Queensway Cineplex has implemented one theater with 20 D-Box motion seats that can be purchased at a premium for the top movies generally at release time. These seats are big, spacious and reserved (that’s right, no fighting for your seats on busy opening nights!) and currently can only be purchased from the Customer Service at the box office, but let me tell you boy are they worth it. I’ve now seen From Paris With Love, Nightmare on Elm Street, Prince of Persia, and most recently Inception in these wonderful seats and have left extremely pleased every time. D-Box adds so much more depth to the movie from feeling the jolt of every gunshot or punch, or swaying with the twisting of worlds (Inception) or jumping from roof to roof a la Prince of Persia. The movies seem to come alive as you’re shaken in your seat and movies without it now just seem to be lacking something. Now this amazing movie going experience, can also be had at home for your BluRay and gaming needs in a few different forms. There are chairs that come with the motion controls built in already, and sort of mock up conversion kits that let you use existing comfy chairs to still feel the action. Check out the video and link below for more pricing and details.


Source: http://www.d-box.com/

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