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Although not high on a lot of peoples radars this new phone from Samsung is not a feature phone but is a more basic phone for those who just want a basic flip phone.

It’s got a 2mp camera and 3g for faster internet as well as big buttons for those hard of seeing!

This budget phone costs $134.99 with no contract and only $19.99 on a 3 year contract!

  1. This phone was released onto Tbaytel’s network on May 10. I played with it today and seems like a great device for the more simple user like the elderly or for people that just use the phone for emergencies. Only $0 on a 3 year, $19.99 on a 2 and 59.99 on a 1 year.

    1. Where is Tbaytels network? In Canada it is $19.99 on a 3 year term but for sure is a great option for people just looking for a basic phone option!

      1. Tbaytel is located in Thunder Bay and covers the smaller communities in the Northwestern Ontario area. They have a partnership with Rogers are filling in the gap with an HSPA network.

  2. I have nothing but trouble from my Samsung C414R phone……….I have had many many missed calls………….I get no satisfaction from Rogers ………..it cuts out often throughout the day and “seems to go to sleep” when not in use……..I have to ….I must activate it again and again…………..I charge it every night , so it cannot be the battery…..also a word “initializing” appears to regenerate the phone …….all in all VERY UNSATISFACTORY……….Rogers will not be moved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. I agree with John. The Samsung C414R is a faulty phone. I want to reactivate my old Nokia. My phone also dies on me without warning. Even when I am not using the phone and it is turned off the battery seems to drain so that when I do turn it on it is dead. It is difficult to program contacts into the phone and it is not at all intuitive and it is a real pain. Samsung you have created a dud.

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