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In another new video Ubisoft released yesterday they finally have given more details about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation (Vita). Through this new video we learn a lot about the new Assassin, Aveline, her history and why she is fighting. Interestingly enough, we also learn that the new game will include different costumes that Aveline will don to disguise herself from her enemies.

The video show 3 main costumes that she will use throughout the game.

  1. The mandatory Assassin’s outfit. This is similar to all the other games, she will be able to run around freely but will be attacked by guards.
  2. A Lady’s Ball Gown – While wearing this ball gownAveline will be able to walk around freely, but will still be able to carry some weapons with her to stealthily attack her enemies.
  3. Slave Outfit – To further disguise herself she can dress up as a slave. Apparently she won’t have weapons while disguised but she will be invisible to all guards.

One other fascinating detail we discovered is that Aveline will be able to change between these outfits at shops all throughout town so they will play a big part in completing memories with 100% synchronization.



IGN also released the last video in their behind the scenes Developer Diaries with Ubisoft about Assassin’s Creed. These videos have gone in depth showing how they’ve come to the ideas of the new game, the challenges they’ve faced and what they’ve accomplished. These videos are great watches and we recommend you watch them all, we’ve embedded all 4 below so you can watch them all together!

Developer Diary 1



Developer Diary 2



Developer Diary 3


Developer Diary 4



Source: Youtube, IGN

Just this morning we noticed that the official Assassin’s creed twitter image had changed to from the standard AC3 logo to a little more ominous looking red coloured abstergo logo (shown below). Seemingly to being a viral puzzle/teaser for it’s much anticipated upcoming release of Assassin’s Creed 3, 3 mysterious tweets were sent sounding very much like a puzzle or riddle (you can read them down below). Can you figure out the mystery?

Shortly after the tweets went out the logo changed back and a more official sounding tweet was sent saying:

Sorry for the disruption, Assassins. We were experiencing some technical issues, but we’re back up to 100% now! Thanks for your patience!

Followed directly after by:

No spoilers, it was just a glitch. Please restrict any discussion to our forums for customer support:

We can only assume this is the beginning of a new viral campaign to hype up AC3 which is to be released in North America October 30th along side it’s Vita counterpart Liberation.

Here are the 3 tweets sent out this morning:

#1 – _-_-_He is gone. #16 is no more. And now they begin. To search for 1 more _-_-_

#2 – _-_-_THEY are responsible. Abstergo’s to blame. They play with our lives. Like it’s only a game_-_-_

#3 – _-_-_They search for the ‘’prophet’’ They’re grasping at straws. Their ill-conceived plans, are riddled with flaws_-_-_


And here are the two different twitter pictures.

Assassin’s Creed official Twitter logo.

Assassin’s Creed Twitter logo after “malfuntioning”


UPDATE: Another tweet has been found on the Assassin’s Creed Wiki this one saying:

We’ve just received a mysterious message from within the inner workings of the Animus. “.. .- — .- .-.. .. …- .” It… it can’t be!

From looking at this latest clue, this is Morris code for “Iamalive”. Who it could be referring to we’re not sure, but it could be possibly referring to Subject 16 that was trapped within the Animus.

So what do you make of this assassin’s? What can these messages mean?

Source: Twitter